NSD Edition III Septermber 30, 2016

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September 30, 2016: North Star Digest Edition III:
As this is our third edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest are located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:        

Save the Dates!

October 24 - 28


The Scholastic Book Fair Returns to North Star in October. The funds raised at the Book Fair enable our school to purchase new books

for our library and classrooms. We hope to see you there!




For more information on the book fair:


Current Board Seat Vacancies Create an Opportunity

The North Star School Board has two open community Board seats. 

This is the result of the recent resignation of Jim Miller, who served the Board as Chair from 2010 until 2015 and the most recent Chair, Sherawn Reberry’s decision not to rerun for her Board seat, due to work commitments related to her full time job with IDLA.  Both Jim and Sherawn were valuable members of the School’s Board. 

The Board also lost Roy Ledesma, a two term Board member, who chose not to run for a third term.  Roy, previously was a School employee, served as a math teacher and basketball coach during his tenure at the School.  The Ledesma’s third and youngest child graduated from North Star this past Spring and Roy is moving forward with his career at Riverstone International School in Boise.

We wish all three well and thank them deeply for their service to North Star during the recent past challenging years.

A Community Board member is an individual with no official affiliation, direct or indirect, with any students or their families, other Board members, School staff, contractors to the School, venders or any other affiliates of the School.

If you know a person who has a passion for education and a desire to support alternate choice education and would like to serve on the NSCS School Board, please invite them to visit our School website www.northstarcharter.org to learn more about North Star.  For more specific information about what it means to be a North Star Board member and fill out an application, visithttp://www.northstarcharter.org/boardinformation/

Hello North Star Families, 

Students in grades 7-12 attending public school in Idaho have an allocation of $4,125.00 to use towards the cost of:
1. Overload Courses
2. Dual Credits
3. Exams 

This money is provided through the Idaho Department of Education and the Fast Forward Program!

Please join us at North Star on Thursday October 13th at 6pm and hear from a Department of Education Representative as he provides information and answers questions on how these funds can benefit your student!

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and support our 2nd Annual Dodgeball Tournament!!!  It was a great success and there were some awesome performances. In 6th grade the winner was The Dogers. In High School the winner was the Yeet Squad. In 7/8 the winner was (BLANK). There will be some tasty rewards on Friday during lunch for our winners.

Go, Box Tops Go!

We are excited to announce that last year we collected 17,367 box tops as a school effort! That is awesome! Thank you kids, parents and teachers for making this happen!

2016-2017 Box Top Goals

This year, we believe that if we can challenge ourselves to reach a little more this year. This year’s goal is to reach 23,000 box tops as a school!  We can achieve this by setting clear goals for each classroom, prizes, and keeping parents and kids aware of the goals we have met, and yet to achieve.  To reach the goal of 23,000, we have divided it by the 19 classrooms, and by 8 collection dates. At the end of the year it amounts to 1,211 per classroom. We will only need to collect 152 box tops per class per month! This will be fun and easy!

Summary of Game

To motivate our kids, we will be playing a very cool game called Go, Box Tops Go!

The game is based on reaching monthly goals as a classroom to be able to “unlock” characters.

Each classroom has 8 characters to unlock, and this can be done by turning in 152 or more box tops at collection date. There will be a total of 152 character to unlock as a school, so we will be on a mission! There might be mystery characters to “unlock” as game progresses!

Kids will benefit from our visual at the end of the school hall, near gym, where we will be posting all the “unlocked” characters, and the kids will be able to see their progress.

Go, Box Tops Go! Game Rules

  1. To “unlock” one of your classroom characters, you must reach 152 box tops more at collection date. There are 8 collection dates, Oct. 14th, Nov. 11th, Dec. 9th, Jan. 13th, Feb. 10th, March 10th, April 14th, & May 12th. If your classroom collects more than 152 box tops the classroom will receive poke balls at 25 box tops each! These can be used later to unlock other additional characters, once the classroom reaches 6 poke balls! Extra bragging rights for the class! All Box tops should be counted at collection date, to make sure the right classroom with most box tops gets the ice cream party!

  2. Each character will be posted on the bulletin board with the name to classroom that has unlocked it.  

  3. The winner of the Box Top Go! Contest will be the classroom with more characters and poke balls on the bulletin board at the end of the school year! Additionally every month, there will be a top winner for classroom who collects most Box tops.

  4.  If your classroom unlocks all 8 characters during the year, there will be a prize for your classroom too!



  1. Collect all the box tops you can, wherever you go, ask your relatives, friends or neighbors if they can help your classroom out with some extra box tops! So, let’s all concentrate on this first collection date coming up on October 14th!  Only 152 box tops per classroom!

  2. Use zip lock bags or recycled envelopes to enclose your box tops. Write the amount on the baggie or envelope.

  3. Remember to clip box tops, they don’t have to be perfect, but we do need expiration dates on them for them to count!

  4. Turn in to school before each of the 8 collection dates.

  5. Constantly take a look at our bulletin board to see your classrooms progress!

PTO Information

North Star & North Star PTO presents…
3rd Annual

Friday, September 30th
All North Star Families Are Welcome

including gift certificates from Wahooz, Big Al's,
gift baskets from BSU, Kneaders, and more!
Photo Booth

High School Information
All absences are recorded as Unexcused if the parent does not contact the school within 48 hours. Parents may leave a message on the attendance line, or call directly. If your student has a medical appointment of any kind, please ask for a doctor's note in order to receive an Excused absence for the time your student misses school. Your student should turn these in at the office. Please notify the office if your student will be gone from school for multiple days. Your student should pick up a form for Extended Absence and have it filled out and signed prior to any trip. This form allows your students to inform his/her teachers, arrange for homework, and provides signed record of the extended absence.
Attendance Codes Used in Power School:
A - absent
E - excused
I - ill
M - medical
U - unexcused absence
F - funeral
S - School activity
P - Admin approved
T - tardy
X - unexcused tardy
W - unexcused absence due to tardies
G - truant
PC - parent call
J - in school suspension
O - out of school suspension
V - vacation
Z - Saturday School

Parent Calls
Please remember that changes in your day to day plans do not constitute an emergency. It is very disruptive to the teachers and the students to deliver notes to the classrooms simply because of plans changing. We have almost 1000 students attending North Star Charter School which often constitutes several interruptions per class, per day. Our teachers need the courtesy of uninterrupted time to instruct your children.  Please make prior arrangements.
Cell Phones
Two cell phones have been turned into the Secondary Office. Please check with the office staff if you are missing a phone.
Lunch deliveries
Delivered lunches are placed on a table by the Secondary office window. Students can pick up their lunch during their lunch period.

Middle School Information: 

Save the date!

6th-8th movie night
October 21, 6pm
Movie to be determined

Fall break is coming up, and a new movie just came out: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  Did you know the movie is based off the popular young adult novel?  If you enjoy magical, mysterious, and creepy stories, this could be the book for you. Author Ransom Riggs utilizes strange and 'peculiar' black and white photos to spin this tale of danger and adventure. A story that spans different worlds and times, read the book to find out if these children and their special powers can defeat their terrifying enemies!


Elementary Information
 Elementary students were greeted with a beautiful site on September 23rd as a hot air balloon touched down just past our playground. What a great way to start the day!  Sometimes remembering and appreciating the small things in life help us remember what matters most.

On Sept. 21st, 5th grade science students worked with volunteers from the Micron Foundation to investigate electricity and magnetism. They participated in hands-on activities to learn about magnets and static electricity.  They built basic electrical circuits and even made batteries out of lemons and potatoes.  Thank you to our awesome parent volunteers (Jeff Moss, Jan Leifson, Peppi McIntosh, Amy Kernin-Laye, and Michelle Brimhall) for helping to make the event a success!

Sports Information:

Keep up the hard work and excellent effort Husky Athletics!


North Star Shout-Out: 

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Miscellaneous: Just a little reminder about "school deliveries."    All deliveries to the secondary office will be kindly placed on the table outside the office for student pick up.  This will help cut down on classroom disruptions :)
Thanks so much.

Lost and Found:  Please check the Elementary office if you have lost anything recently.