NSD Edition II September 15, 2017

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September 15, 2017: North Star Digest Edition II:
As this is our second edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest will be located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:          

North Star Families,
The Fall Festival is next Saturday, September 23.  Please see the flyer and help to make this years Festival a success.  
September Box Tops results are in....
Congratulations Ms. Moat's 4th grade class, who brought in a total of 464 box tops. Her class won a "Mini Party" this month. 2nd place goes to Mrs. Nielsen's at 420 box tops and 3rd place goes to Mrs. Eardley's class at 365 box tops.  Our school brought in a total of 5,190 box tops for the month of September.
Next collection date is October 13th.  Keep cutting those box tops and sending them in!

PTO Information

Looking for a chance to volunteer some time and help out North Star?

Pizza Friday has already begun!  The kids love having this option, and our Booster Club appreciates your help!  
Students will have a choice of pepperoni, cheese, and Hawaiian pizzas.
Sign up below if you are interested.
Hello North Star Secondary Parents .... You have been invited by the Booster's Club to sign up for Secondary Pizza Friday's.

We need your help to distribute Idaho Pizza on Friday's.

Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

  • Secondary Pizza Friday!
  • 3.00$ a slice
  • 5.00$ for two slices
  • 7.00$ for three slices
  • 12.00$ teacher whole pizza
  • 14.00$ whole pizza

  • High School Information
    Interested in a service based learning opportunity in beautiful Belize? Want to learn about a new culture and explore a new country? Always dreamed of exploring Mayan temples or snorkeling with manatees?

    Join us Wednesday night, September 20th at 6pm in room 302 to learn more about this amazing opportunity for students and families made possible through Global Service Partnerships.  

    Can't make it but you'd like to lean more...contact Jennifer Everts (jeverts@northstarcharter.org) or visit https://www.globalservicepartnerships.org/june-2018

    Middle School Information: 

    Have you been looking for an entertaining book? Do you enjoy graphic novels? Does humor, or stylish art interest you?  Raina Telgemeier has an excellent collection of graphic novels that combine real life themes, humor, and contemporary art.  And, Mr. Whitt's library has a copy of all of her books.  Room 503. Anyone is welcome, and there are a lot of books available to check out. Literally.

    Elementary Information
    4th grade enjoyed a trip to Celebration Park on Monday, Sept. 11th.  Here they learned about hieroglyphs, Native American artifacts, how to throw an atlatl and even saw the 100 year old Guffey Bridge.    This was a great kickoff to their Native American unit.

    Sports Information:

    Volleyball!  Cross Country!  Open gyms happening soon for basketball!  There is a lot going on with sports...come on out and support your teams!

    North Star Shout-Out: 
    Huge shout out to Mr. Davidesen, whose recent volleyball serves have been clocked at over 74 mph. He is helping out school be more rhythmic and athletic! Keep it up!

     Wanted: any request can be placed here, just email northstardigest@northstarcharter.org and we will place your ad.

    Miscellaneous:  We at the Digest do not like computer jokes. Not one bit. Nor do we air conditioner jokes. Not a fan.

    Lost and Found:  Please check the Elementary office if you have lost anything recently.