NSD Edition VII December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016: North Star Digest Edition VII:
As this is our seventh edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest are located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:        

Parents, Staff and students of all ages, please join us for this fun ALL SCHOOL  tradition of 14 years! 

WHAT?    Santa, food, arts and crafts, warning fires, candy canes, jingle bells and CAROLING! 

WHERE?  Heritage Park in Eagle on the Gazebo stage

WHEN?  Saturday Dec. 10

TIME?  2:30 – 3 pm

WEAR?  Dress warm!! 

We would LOVE to fill the gazebo with staff, parents and students!!!  Caroling books, jingle bells and candy canes provided!  This is a great opportunity to show our community how united we are.

Dear Parents and Friends of North Star,

To date, we have raised $104,034 towards Phase I of our Sports Complex and Playground Campaign! Thank you to all who have already given. We are off to a great start!

Support the Sports Complex and Playground Campaign by purchasing a brick!

I’d like to announce a unique component of Phase I. We are offering a personalized brick naming feature in the new plaza area. I have attached a brochure to give you a visual as well as the brick options for different donation levels. This is a great opportunity to show your dedication and involvement in North Star. Your investment will be tangible for many years to come. This gift can be implemented in many ways. A few ideas are to honor a loved one, business or your family name.  It could be given as a birthday or Christmas gift. Naming a brick in the new plaza is great way to leave your family’s legacy. Now is the time to leave your mark!  Please visit our website to purchase a brick today click HERE or fill out the attached form and return it to me.

**If you have already donated to the campaign, your gift will apply towards a naming opportunity, should you desire one.  If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and email it back to me.

Attention Businesses:  Support the Sports Complex and Playground Campaign with a sponsorship!

Are you a business owner? Do you know a business owner who may want to contribute to our campaign? There are many mutual benefits. I have also included a sponsorship brochure aimed toward businesses that may want to be involved with our campaign. If you are interested in a business sponsorship, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!  Happy Thanksgiving!



NS students continue to amaze me.  Over the past few weeks, I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of their generous hearts for our school.  At least once a day, a student has presented me with their own donation towards the Sports Complex and Playground Campaign.  Seeing the joy on their faces as they make their own contribution is truly priceless.

Here is just one example that I want to share with you. Elise (3rd grade) came into my office one morning with 5 quarters in her outstretched hands and said “When I heard about this, I had to come give this to you right away. Tomorrow I will be back with more, I have a $2 bill and some gold coins".  I was so overwhelmed by her sincerity and pure generous spirit!  I will never
forget her sweet face.  It was a beautiful reminder to me of why my role and this campaign exist: IT IS ALL FOR THEM. Of course, I thanked her profusely and even took a picture of her filling out the donation form (attached).  I also told her to make sure and talk to her parents about any further donations she wanted to make. J

There have been countless other stories, equally as sincere, of students making their own contributions to this campaign.  They are excited about making their school a better place.  Their leadership is inspiring us all.


Even if the video link below appears 'snowed out', please click and watch and prepare for an avalanche of inspiration as our sports complex and playground is truly an amazing opportunity for the school and community.

Good Morning,

North Star policy states that when secondary students (grades 6-12) receive their 6th tardy in a class during one semester, they lose credit for that class. If your student has difficulty arriving to class on time, you have been receiving letters keeping you informed.

For those students who have lost credit in one or two classes, we have two Saturday School opportunties for them to recover their lost credit.  Dates and times are as follow:

Saturday, December 3, 9-11 am
Saturday, December 10, 9-11 am

Students may bring school work or a book to read.  Absolutely no cell phones or electronics are allowed.

I will send a reminder email Friday, 12/2 and Friday 12/9 with the room location where your student will report.

Have a great day!

Melissa Andersen

Secondary Administrator
North Star Charter School


PTO Information
If you have not tried some of the delicious popcorn sold at lunch time...great price and great taste! Thanks PTO!

High School Information:
 Keep up the hard work...almost half way there!

Middle School Information: 

6th grade students recently helped out in Kindergarten and it was awesome to see our culture in action. Here are some pics of 6th grade students and Kindergarteners working together!  Thank you Mrs. Nielsen for the opportunity to help and for the cocoa!


Elementary Information

Master Lee and his team from Master Lee's Taekwondo  visited North Star elementary PE classes this week to do demonstrations, let the students try moves and teach them about the importance of respect in this sport.

November 29th we celebrated students at our first K-5 Character Assembly! 5th grade leaders took on many jobs to help the assembly run smoothly! A special thanks to Mrs. VP and Mrs. Leatherman's class who lead the school through the character song and all of fourth grade for singing "I Wish".
Our next assembly will be Friday, February 10th at 245pm!

     This year we have new typing software in the computer lab.  Students in 3rd-5th grade are really taking off on their typing skills, and they are very excited to reach their latest goals!  If your student wants to practice at home, please make sure that your are observing correct finger position while they type because this is how we do it at North Star!  Here are a few websites for learning and practicing. 

Dance Mat Typing 

Byte Back Typing

     Now is a good time to check with your students to see if they have earbuds.  I have run out of my supply of "extras" that were so generously donated, so some students are left without any.  You may be surprised to find that your student is one that has lost or broken theirs, so please ask!  They are a required school supply for full-day Kindergarten and 1st-5th graders.  For little ones, some styles are too big, so you may want to find something that really fits for tiny ears.

     Students will begin coding this month in 1st-5th grade, as we learn about the importance of computer science.  If you have never tried to code, I encourage you to join  the millions that have learned how fun and easy it can be! https://hourofcode.com/us

Mrs. Albin, K-5 Computers

Mrs. Massimino's class recently had Flash Light Friday reading! Check it out:

Sports Information:
Basketball season is upon us: come on out and support your Huskies!

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Miscellaneous: Just a little reminder about "school deliveries."    All deliveries to the secondary office will be kindly placed on the table outside the office for student pick up.  This will help cut down on classroom disruptions :)
Thanks so much.

Lost and Found:  Please check the Elementary office if you have lost anything recently.