NSD Edition VII December 15, 2017

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December 15, 2017: North Star Digest Edition VII: Holiday Issue!
As this is our seventh edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest will be located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

If you like adorable pictures, perhaps check out the elementary gingerbread house pictures in the elementary section...
If you like uplifting holiday stories, perhaps check out the tale of Marilyn's Marigolds in the middle school section...
If you like seeing the elementary staff in some amazing holiday attire, check out this pic:

General School Information:          

Happy Holidays!

The winner of the Nintendo Switch Raffle is….from 5th Grade…

Congratulations, Grace!

A BIG thank you to all that participated in this month’s raffle.  It raised $2,236 to go towards the Sports Complex and Playground Campaign.  Thank you!!

Here is the list of the courageous young Huskies that will be performing in our Talent show. Initials are utilized instead of names to respect privacy. If you are interested in more details, please contact Mrs. V.P.

Talent Showcase 2017!!!

                                         5:30 – 6:30 pm show

R. A. - 1st gd and Declan Allen - Kinder: Dance to “Smooth Criminal”

A. P. – 1st gd.: Singing “Never Smile at a Crocodile” 

W. A. – 2nd gd.: Sing “Perfect”

E. L. - 2nd gd. and Mrs. Lozoya - Teacher :Singing “When I’m With You”

A. A. and M.N. – 2nd gd.: Singing “You and Me” (from Disney  Descendants) 

K. S. – 2nd gd.: Lyrical dance to “Forever Young”

L. and S. H. – 2nd  and 3rd gd.: Reciting “Peanut Butter Sandwich”

A. I. and V. K. -3rd gd.: Singing and dancing to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

A. R. – 3rd gd.: Singing “This Girl is Fire”

A. B. – Vocal jazz solo “Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes”

M. – 5th gd. and K. S. - 2nd gd.: Jazz Dance Duet

                                     6:45 – 7:45 Show

B. W. and C. S. - 4th gd.: Dance to “Thriller, Marcarena, Who Let the Dogs Out, Can’t Touch This” Medley

E. L. - 4th gd.: Singing “In Summer” from Frozen

C. A. – 4th gd.: Piano solo

E. G. – 4thgd.: Comedy routine

O. W. – 4th gd.: Singing “Nightmare or Day Night”

A. B. – 4th gd.: Gymnastics routine to “Fight Song”

E. C. – 4th gd.: Piano solo

J. S. and J. M.– 4th gd.: Gymnastics to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

A. P. – 5th gd.: Piano solo – “Snappin Harratt”

A. L. 5th gd.: Singing “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled

E. A. P. A,., N. S., B. B., D. D. – 5th gd.: Dancing to “Mean” by Taylor Swift

J. B., C. S., L. G. – 5th gd.: Dance Routine

L. B. – 5th gd.: Piano solo “Rainbow Connection”

S. W. – 5th gd.: Piano solo to “Clair de Lune” with an original spin

S. S. – 5th gd.: Dance to “Forgive Me”

J. D. and A. H. – 5th gd.: Original song sung and played on Ukes

                                          8:00 – 8:45 Show

R. and A. N. - 8th and 10th gd.: - Columbian dance called “Cumbia”

A. P. – 6th gd. Singing

A. H. and C. B. - 6th gd. Flute solo and duet of “Sawmill Creek” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

K., A. and M. B. - K, 4th and 6th gd.: Singing

C. G. and K. B. – 7th and 8th gd.: Tang Soo Do - Martial Arts

S. D. – 8th gd: Singing

K. B. - 9th gd.: Piano solo Clair de Lune

C. R. – Cello solo – Bravall

J. N., C. T. and J. G.  - 8th gd.: Singing duet

D. D., A. S., A. S., D. M. and M S. – Dance from East India

K. W. - Guitar

PTO Information
Popcorn Wednesdays continue to be a great success! Thank you to everyone who dedicates their time to help our school!  Additionally, thank you to all the admirable and generous people that donated their time, energy, and delicious food to the recent Holiday Staff Lunch!
Wow!  Soup! There it is...
We are lucky because we have hard working students.
We are lucky because we have a collaborative staff.
But, we are also extremely lucky because we have incredible parents that continue to support our awesome school! We at the North Star Digest always think of the same actor when we discuss our  North Star parents...T.Hanks.

High School Information

The Winter Band Concert was Tuesday night! The students worked really hard to get the music ready and it was a fun night. Thank you to everyone who helped out! What an amazing demonstration of dedication and effort!


Middle School Information: 

On the Thursday before winter break, Mrs. Hawkin's 6th grade homeroom had a visit from a special unexpected guest.  


A 6th grade student and his family visited this man's house while trick-or-treating and learned that his yard had been vandalized shortly after the passing of his wife, Marilyn. All but a small pocket of her beloved marigolds were killed in the malicious act. Mrs. Hawkin's homeroom was saddened by this story and decided to write this man anonymous Thanksgiving cards to cheer him up.  


The cards made the man feel so loved and helped remind him that good is better than evil.  After some sleuthing, the man was able to figure out that the cards came from the same boy that he talked to on Halloween and that he attended North Star Charter.  He contacted the school and was able to stop into the classroom to thank the students for their loving act.  He even gifted each of the students with a small sachet of marigold seeds from the few flowers that were not affected by the vandalism.  


He could have just used the seeds to replant the marigolds in his own front yard next May, but decided that he instead wanted Marilyn's Marigolds to spread across the Eagle area in the same way that simple acts of kindness can spread joy to those who need it most. What a powerful lesson for each of us in this season of giving!

North Star’s 6th Graders Giveback

     North Star’s 6th graders’ knowledge of giving back to their community has been reinforced.  After an inspiring Veteran’s Day Assembly in November, our sixth graders went back to their classrooms to write heartfelt thank you notes to Idaho veterans.  Following, the day before Thanksgiving, they went to the Boise VA to deliver them.  Not only did they deliver the cards, but they also listened to stories and spent time thanking and visiting with many of the residents.   

In the true holiday fashion, NSCS’s 6th graders also adopted seven families and hopefully gave them a Christmas to remember.   The seven families were blessed with haircuts, massages, facials, new clothes, toys galore, dinners, gift cards, the list goes on.  Without a doubt, there is no greater feeling than giving back to our amazing community.

North Star’s 6th graders wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and remind you to count your blessings each and every day.

Elementary Information
Thank you to all the incredible parents that helped out with gingerbread houses!  It was an awesome day of construction and joy!

Sports Information:

The middle school girls basketball season recently ended with our Lady Huskies finishing the season at 3-5. It was a great season with a ton of development, and coach Holladay cannot wait to see what happens with this hard working group in the future!

Middle school boys basketball is starting! Tryouts are January 8th...so lace up them sneaks and kick off those slippers because it is time to ball!

North Star Shout-Out: 
Shoutout to 6th Grader Heath Toomey for his wonderful performance as Schwartz in the Little Boise Theater production of A Christmas Story Heath attended two months of nightly two-hour practices to prepare for the role, and the play ran for TEN SHOWS!  Three of Heath's teachers attended the show and think that he has a promising future on the stage.  Way to make North Star proud, Heath!

 Wanted: any request can be placed here, just email northstardigest@northstarcharter.org and we will place your ad.

"Did you see Santa break dancing?! He can lock and pop like crazy!"
"I saw kid, I saw. And Santa doesn't lock...that's the Santa Pause."

Lost and Found:  Please check the Elementary or Secondary office if you have lost anything recently.