NSD Edition XIV April 14, 2017

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April 14, 2017: North Star Digest Edition XIV:
As this is our fourteenth edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest are located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:   

Out of 19 choirs performing at the District 3 Open Choir Festival on April 6th, North Star charter school high school Choir won the "Most Expressive Award" along with Cecil Andrus Elementary School. Congratulations to North Star Charter High School choir. Excellent performances were also noted by the North Star Charter School 7th and 8th grade choirs. Congratulations to Mr. Kyle Downs all the students. 

Below is the day that the award was presented by principal Melissa Anderson and arts Lead Teacher Shirley Van Paepeghem.
11th grade students were missing on this day of the picture.


 Senior Parents,

The graduation committee is meeting Thursday, May 4th at 3:00 to finalize graduation plans. If you would like to attend to hear about graduation, you are welcome to join Ms. West, Ms. Woodward, and Mrs. Andersen. We will meet in Ms. West's room in the portable. It's the first room on the right.

PTO Information

The COLOR Fun Run will be on Friday, April 28th!!!!  Please make sure your student has a white shirt (Hobby Lobby has cheap craft shirts if you need one) or an old shirt they don't mind making "colorful".  We will need a lot of help to pull off the 1st COLOR Fun Run for North Star. Check out the Sign up genius link for volunteer shifts!

We have teamed up with Jamba Juice for the school COLOR Fun Run.  Jamba Juice will be providing 8 oz. smoothies to the students for $2.50.  If your student would like to have a Jamba at the end of the Color Fun Run, you will need to fill out the order form, coming home with your child today, and make sure it is returned to school by FRIDAY, April 21st.  

Thank you!!

Spirit Wear will be available for sale Friday, beginning at 3:30, outside near the Elementary office doors.  Please park in a marked space so there is no interference with the pick up line.   It's a great time to pick up your child a new zip- up hoodie, only $25!
Jamba Juice order forms due next week!


High School Information:
 Basketball Camp for current 8th-11th graders!

Players and Parents of Players:

Since I took over as head coach last fall, I have been anticipating the opportunity to develop off season plans so that players can individually improve their athleticism and basketball skills.

At this point I am asking all potential players and their parents to consider several options. Some of these are dependent upon whether we have enough interest and commitment. I understand that the off season is filled with a lot of other activities (travel, work, etc...) as well so please take moment to complete the survey (link at the end of the email). What follows is an overview of each of the possible opportunities.

I also welcome to your thoughts and suggestions so please feel free to contact me directly. Also, reply to me if you think we need another parent/player/coach meeting to discuss. I am willing to do that. If I don't hear from you I will make an effort to follow up with you directly as well.

My vision is that we develop a consistent off-season program that is both tailored to your individual areas of need, while pushing you to set goals and strive for them. Some of you want to play or do currently play on different basketball clubs, in different sports, or simply have other goals and aspirations and activities. I think that is great and respect that. Please consider how these opportunities would work for you. It would be great to work together this off-season.

  1. Not long ago I began observing Derrick Wright of Azone athletics provide intensive basketball training. I’ve observed Derrick and have encouraged our players to try out and observe his training sessions as well. For those that haven’t please do so during April - it costs nothing to go try it out. If you are interested I can send you details about times. Several players and parents have attended a couple of information meetings with him at North Star as well. If we have enough interest he will do the training at our North Star gym for $50/month per player for 2 times per week. If we just wanted 1 time per week I think he’d do that for less money, but need to confirm that. $50 per month seems to be reasonable, but Derrick has encouraged us where there are individuals that feel they couldn’t afford this to let him know and there may be scholarship opportunities. In this training Derrick would also invite other athletes he is training or that are apart of other AZone teams to join us, which would be good for interacting and competing with others.

  1. Derrick does have club teams that compete in tournaments and recently asked me to coach one of the teams. Because of high school rules I cannot coach our players until after May 20th. However, there are other teams coached by Derrick or his associates. If there is enough interest this may be another option for North Star players to play together as well.

  1. Summer Tournaments. There are summer tournament opportunities available locally that would generally involve playing on Friday afternoons and on Saturday (e.g., Crash the Boards tournaments). These tournaments typically involve a per player fee which varies depending upon how many players participate. It is not our intention to simply schedule a lot of these tournament games. A main goal this summer is to develop individual skills and basketball IQ. However, periodic tournaments do allow you to see progress as it happens over time.

  1. Open gym shooting and strength training. With access to the North Star gym we can schedule open gym times and to use the strength equipment as well. While I cannot facilitate these until after school is out in May, we have interested individuals that can be there to run players through drills, scrimmages, conditioning, etc. We would need to know, however, when we should hold these (AM/PM?). While the school year is still happening we would have these in the early or late evening time.

I am interested in you developing as a player and getting better both physically and mentally. My hope is that with some consistent and disciplined off-season effort we’ll see huge improvements during the season. Individual skill building happens now! The better we prepare and develop now the more balanced you can be as a student athlete during the season so we can focus more on executing team strategies and game preparation. I understand that North Star is a challenging academic environment.. We need to embrace the high expectations and set ourselves up to succeed during the season. For example, if we work hard in the off season we have more flexibility to meet the academic rigor during the year.

Link to Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesiSD9VQIPtlkwAi6T-yq9j6DS3VDpZX2kSxLP-JlZLXVkTw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you,

Coach Marcus Shaw



Middle School Information: 

Greetings from MOSS!

I hope this email finds you and your students well this spring. I am writing to advertise for a summer program at MOSS for girls entering grades 7-9. Women Outdoors with Science is a place-based science program for girls to get in touch with their science identities in a beautiful setting. The program includes a 3-day rafting trip on a local river. 

Are you interested in an amazing science experience and team building-filled week at MOSS this summer?  

I would be happy to answer any questions from parents, per my contact information below.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and spring semester! We look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Thanks so much,

-Beth Kochevar

K12 Residential and Outreach Programs Coordinator

University of Idaho College of Natural Resources

McCall Outdoor Science School

email: ekochevar@uidaho.edu

office: (208) 310-7082

cell: (303) 870-0223

Elementary Information

A small group of our 3rd graders participated in the city of Eagle’s State of the City on March 23 at the Chateau des Fleurs.  They sang a few selections for the audience as well as the national anthem.  Led by Mrs. VP, they represented North Star with excellence.  We are so proud of them!

Sports Information:

 Brooke Bonnel won her Regional Championships for Level 9 this past weekend at Century Link Arena.  She had the highest score (37.325) out of 130 gymnasts competing level 9.  She will now move on to Western National's the end of April.  There will be 336 level 9's competing from 25 states.







North Star Shout-Out: 
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 Wanted: any request can be placed here, just email northstardigest@northstarcharter.org and we will place your ad.

Miscellaneous: 100 bunnies walking  backwards is a receding hare line. Have a Good Friday!

Lost and Found:  
Reminder: we have medications from MOSS that need to be picked up by the parents please :)

Reminder:  Secondary lost and found still have several items :)

Thanks so much