NSD Edition XII March 3, 2017

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March 3, 2017: North Star Digest Edition XII:
As this is our twelfth edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest are located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:   

Spend a magical evening with your daughter and create lifetime memories at North Star’s Daddy Daughter Dance. 

ALL ages welcome!  Purchase Tickets HERE

Please join us Saturday, March 11 at North Star Charter School for a Daddy Daughter Dance!
As you have fun and shake it like a polaroid picture, all proceeds benefit North Star Charter Complex and Playground Campaign.
7-9:30 and dessert and refreshments served.
Bring some cash for the raffle. 20$ for fathers or father figures. 10$ for first daughter and 5$ for each additional daughter.
We hope to see you there!

High School Information:
Every month North Star's DECA club tries to get together for a social event outside of school. The latest was a progressive dinner! Students started at one house for appetizers another house for the main course and the last house for dessert! It was a huge success, lots of food, and tons of fun!

Wow, where has the time gone?The third quarter is flying by.  The end of third quarter is March 24th. Students should be checking power school and knowing where they are grade wise. If additional help is needed, students should be checking in with their advisory teachers and there are peer tutoring lists available in the counseling office. 

Reminder that the SAT will be taken by all 11th graders on April 11th during the school day. For 11th graders only, that is a half day. 

Students are encouraged to be studying for this exam. The SAT is used by colleges to help determine student readiness. Free study tests can be found on Collegeboard.org. Huntington Learning center offers more in-depth and personalized test preparation. 

If students or parents have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office

Middle School Information: 

Our North Star MATHCOUNTS team competed in the Chapter competition at BSU on Saturday, February 18.  The ten students who competed were chosen based on their scores from our school competition held earlier this year.  Out of approximately 130 competitors, we had several students who almost made the cutoff to go to the State competition.  Garen Tyler was our top performer with a rank of 17th (the top 13 students move on to State), followed by Samay Math, and Yashwanth Aravapalli. 

 Our members in the Team portion of the competition were Garen Tyler, Samay Math, Disha Math, and Sarah Bird, and they finished 7th in the Team round (the top 4 teams made it to State).  The other Mathletes who represented North Star at the competition were Anna Boss, Abigail Ballhagen, Cole Teffeteller, Jack Nichols, and Kimberly Pelham.  We started practicing much later in the year compared to most schools, and this was our school’s first year of MATHCOUNTS.  They all did an outstanding job, and we look forward to what these amazing students will accomplish in the future!  MATHCOUNTS is coached by Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Dillon and is open to all 6th through 8th graders. 

We practice every Wednesday after school from 2:50 to 3:50.  If you are interested in learning more about it, please contact us.  We would love to have you join!

Our favorite math holiday is approaching quickly...Pi Day!  On Tuesday, March 14 (pi is 3.14159...), the 7th- and 8th-grade classes of Mrs. Dillon and Mrs. Ellis will be learning all about pi through some fun activities and will be enjoying some delicious circular food in the process.  As part of the Pi Day celebration, we will be raising money for the Math Department and giving some lucky students a chance to "pi" a teacher!  Six teachers will be bravely volunteering to put their name on a jar to possibly be the (un?)lucky recipient of a "pi" in the face at the end of the day on Pi Day.  We need students to bring in money to put in the jar of the teacher who they MOST want to get a "pi" in the face.  The teacher with the most money in their jar will get it.  However, if we raise more than $314.15 (remember pi is 3.1415...), ALL SIX TEACHERS will get "pi"ed!  Please donate to a great cause and help support the North Star Math Department.  The jars will be available for donations from March 6 through March 10.  Happy Pi Day!

Fun Fact: March 14th, 1879, is the birth date of Albert Einstein.
Some things are just density...
I mean, destiny.

Elementary Information

Third Grade had special guests from Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School visit last week and teach them about Health and First Aid.  Sophie Whitt and Abbey Hutchins are freshmen at the charter high school.  Abbey is a former North Star student and previous third grader in Mrs. Leatherman's class.  The two of them discussed the importance of taking care of cuts, wounds, blood sugar and 911 through the MRC (Medical Reserve Corps).  At the end of the presentation, each third grader went home with their very own homemade First Aid Kits.  The students enjoyed learning about first aid, as well as how to make their own kits!

CWI visited the 4th grade classrooms on Feb. 27th to teach the kids all about chemistry.  They had hands on experiments showing pressure, electricity in glowing pickles, static electricity, liquid nitrogen, Gak making, and more!  Thank you to Mr. Hess and his CWI team for such a fun morning!

Sports Information:
Congratulations Snow Team!  What an amazing season...
There were many remarkable achievements all season long.  Enjoy some pictures that serve as a reminder of the hard work these Huskies put forth and the fun the had as well!
High School Dotty Clark participants
Jalen C.
Sebastien D.  First Place Novice Skier
Colton H.   First Place Expert Boarder
Logan P.
Middle School Dotty Clark participants
Dustin A.
Maya A.
Spencer C.
Justin H. First Place Intermediate Freestyle Boarder 
Grant J.
Hudson R.
Florent S.
Garen T.
Makya W.
Trevor W.

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Lost and Found:  Flea Market going on in the Elementary Office!!!  Come by and claim your lost treasures :)