NSD Edition I September 2, 2016

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September 2, 2016: North Star Digest Edition I:
As this is our first edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest will be located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:           Welcome back Husky nation!

Easy way to help NSCS Arts!

Do you shop at Fred Meyer?  If so, take a moment to register in their rewards program and together it will make a difference.  This is Fred Meyer’s way of helping non- profit programs and it is so easy.  Just think of how much you can help each time you buy gas or groceries and it costs you nothing extra.

And…you can even suggest out of town friends and family to choose NSCS for their rewards to go to!

Go to:


Enter this number for your non-profit organization number as your choice of where the donation is made.


NSCS will appear and you simply confirm.

Box Tops make a difference at our school!

Please donate box tops to your child's classroom. Every little bit helps. Thanks!

Clip box tops.

Place in Ziploc bag

Write child's name on bag

Turn into your teacher.

Dear North Star Families,

 Welcome back to school, and hopefully you are getting into the swing of things. In October, students have the opportunity to participate in PSAT testing. This is an important test for several reasons: it shows student readyness for the SAT test that they will be taking in 11th grade prior to applying for colleges. Here is a break down of some of the benefits of this test by grade level.

 9th grades-gain test taking experience throught the PSAT which consists of out of date SAT tests. Results show where a student is academically and offers weblinks to help areas of need. 

10th graders-gain test taking experience throught PSAT for the SAT. All 10th grade students will take this test for free. 

11th graders- knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important. Students in 11th grade can take this test as part of the National Merrit Scholarship Program. Students scoring high enough can be offered very generous academic scholarships. 

The PSAT Fall Test will be on October 19th (Wednesday) at North Star Charter School. 

If you are a 9th or 11th grader intersted in taking this test the cost will be $25.00.  

The last day to register for the PSAT is September 20th (Tuesday).

To register, families should make checks payable to North Star Charter School, and fill out the registration form in the main office. 
The PSAT offers a great opportunity for students to practice for the SAT and determine where they are academically in terms of a nationally normed test. 

If you have questions please contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office.

Thanks and have a great day.


PTO Information

Looking for a chance to volunteer some time and help out North Star?

Pizza Friday will begin again on Friday, September 9. .  The kids love having this option, and our Booster Club appreciates your help!  
Students will have a choice of pepperoni, cheese, and Hawaiian pizzas.
Sign up below if you are interested.
Hello North Star Secondary Parents .... You have been invited by the Booster's Club to sign up for Secondary Pizza Friday's.

We need your help to distribute Idaho Pizza on Friday's.

Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

  • Secondary Pizza Friday!
  • 3.00$ a slice
  • 5.00$ for two slices
  • 7.00$ for three slices
  • 12.00$ teacher whole pizza
  • 14.00$ whole pizza
  • Beginning Friday, September 9th!

      • North Star & North Star PTO presents…

        3rd Annual

        Friday, September 30th


        All North Star Families Are Welcome




        Photo Booth



        Look for the PTO table at Back to School Night for more information and sign ups!

        High School Information
        September 20th 6pm-7pm we will be having a scholarship night explaining different options for college tuition. 

         PSAT Test in October?  Why should I take this test?

        1.  9th graders gain valuable test taking experience.  The PSAT's are actual outdated SAT tests.  In 11th grade all students take the SAT which is used by colleges to determine student readyness. 

        2.  All 10th graders will take the test for free.

        3.  11th graders interested in National Merit Scholarhip opportunities should take the test as well. If students score high enough, there are generous academic scholarships offered by individual universities.

        TEST DATE:  October 19th. at North Star

        If you are a 9th or 11th grader you must sign up and pay $25.00 by September 20th. (last day to register)

        Please do not call/or leave a message to sign up. We need a check made payable to North Star Charter for the amount of twenty five dollars to sign up a student. This will be done in the main office with Ms. Fahl.

        If you have questions, please contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office.

        Middle School Information: 

        Now that school has started again, you might be looking for something to read...Mr. Whitt's library in the 6th grade hallway has a diverse collection of books for any reader that is looking to take a break.  Rick Riordan's new book, The Trials of Apollo, could be his best since Lightning Thief.  Descriptive action blended with modern humor make this book a solid choice for any fantasy fan.  You might have a Capital One card in your wallet, but if you don't have a book in your hand, how are your going to explore new world's and smile while experiencing the imaginative world of writing?


        Elementary Information
          Elementary Physical Education Classes!
             Welcome back to P. E.! Looking forward to another exciting and fun year in physical education.
         I require students to wear tennis shoes on their P. E. days for a few very important reasons.
           The first reason is solely your child's safety. In P. E. we learn fundamental skills which progress into game play where we are running or otherwise moving quickly. Slick soled shoes present a threat to not only the person wearing them, but their classmates as well. It only takes one person slipping and falling to cause an avalanche of accidents when we are moving about.
           Another reason I require proper shoes is for ease of movement. Proper fitting tennis shoes provide good support when moving about or kicking a ball. This will prevent shoes from flying off the foot and maximum ease when pivoting from side to side and quick stopping movements.
           My last reason is gym preservation. We have a beautiful gymnasium with hardwood floors. The last thing anyone would want to see are scuff marks by hard soled shoes.

        Thank you for understanding and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

        Ms. Sawyers

        Sports Information:

        Our Husky

        Girls High School Volleyball Team

        took on the Notus Pirates

         In The North Star Gym on

        Thursday, September 1st @ 7:15.

        Our ladies battled a tough Pirate squad and there was definitely

        a positive vibe after the match.

        "Our girls did great with their first match. That was a tough team.

        It's going to be a good year I think." Husky spectator


        Next Home Game:  Thursday, September 8th vs. Rimrock at 7:15

        Wear your Husky gear and show your NS Pride by

        coming to watch our High School Volleyball Team!


        North Star Shout-Out: 
        Thank you to every hard working Husky that helped with the transition involving our new portable.  Whether you carried desks and chairs or just showed admirable patience with the schedule at the beginning of the year...we appreciate you!

         Wanted: any request can be placed here, just email northstardigest@northstarcharter.org and we will place your ad.


        Lost and Found:  Please check the Elementary office if you have lost anything recently.