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February 17, 2017: North Star Digest Edition XI:
As this is our eleventh edition of the digest, we thought it appropriate to let readers know that older issues of the digest are located on the menu bar to the left. Thank you true-believers!

General School Information:   

Some interesting numbers to share, as during this time of year many 8th graders begin ruminating about their educational future and weighing the benefits of one school vs. another. This is a normal and healthy act of reflection, and perhaps these statistics can help in this decision making process, along with the high percentage of students at North Star now taking dual credit classes...
2016 SAT Scores

North Star average score -        1,138
Compass Charter avg. score -   1,117
West Ada average score -         1,045
Boise average score  -               1,039

These numbers are just a reflection of the hard working students, staff, and parents that are involved with North Star. A statistical echo ricocheting from the diligence of the students to the dedication of the teachers back to the patience and support of the parents. Thank you for all you do to help make North Star a special place to learn!

Just a reminder that there has been some changes to our winter break due to the need to make up three snow days.
North Star K-12th grade will not have school Monday the 20th and Tuesday 21st. We will be back to school on Wednesday the 22nd for the rest of the week.

If your family already had plans to be gone for the whole Winter Break, please email Dee Young , in attendance,   dyoung@northstarcharter.org  and state that you had prior vacation plans. Please also let your child's teacher know so you can get any work made up that was missed.

We hope everyone enjoys a nice long weekend. If your family is traveling over break, we hope you have a wonderful and safe time.

As the weather warms, our fields and even sidewalks are turning into lakes. With it being so messy outside, we are asking that you be extra mindful of what your children are wearing to school. Rain boots are a life saver right now!
Some parents are packing extra clothes/socks in case their child gets wet or muddy at recess. This has been a huge help and is saving parents from having to bring dry clothes mid- day. If you have any extra clothes your children have outgrown, we would love the donation of clean sweats, socks and shirts for kids who have accidents throughout the day.

We do our best to keep them from puddles, but as we all know, everything is SO wet right now it is very difficult.
Thank you for your help!

Freshman Information Night!
We will host an incoming freshman information night, Thursday, March 16, 6-7 in the Choir Room. We have some exciting changes in our high school program with the addition of many options for dual credit through CWI, in addition to our wonderful college preparatory International Baccalaureate Program. Our outstanding SAT and ACT scores are proof to the great work our teachers are doing in the classroom.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Melissa Andersen
Secondary Administrator
North Star Charter School

Many of you were generous supporters of the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program North Star has been fortunate to participate in these past two years.

The time has finally come to launch North Star’s experiment into space!  The launch date is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday Feb 18 at 8:01am.  Our very own Dr. Hettinger and Mrs. Rex are in Florida now with members of the team that developed the project.  I’ve attached a press release with more information and a link to more information as well as a live link to the watch below.


To watch the launch live:  http://ssep.ncesse.org/2017/02/watch-live-flight-of-ssep-m9-endeavor-launching-on-spacex-crs-10-february-18-2017-1001-am-edt/


PTO Information

High School Information:
Treasure Valley College Fair
Date:  Saturday, April 1, 2017
Time:  3–6PM
Location: Boise State Student Union Building, Jordan Ballroom
Parking:    Free Parking is available at the Lincoln Parking Garage

Special Pre-Fair Workshop
Paying For College: How to Get Scholarships and Financial Aid
Presented by Josh Ritchie, Boise School District, College and Career Counselor
2:00pm-3:00pm, Jordan Ballroom

Encourage students to register for the college fair online to maximize their time at the fair and increase face-to-face interaction with admissions representatives. 

Middle School Information: 

National Junior Honor Society's latest community outreach was this Tuesday, Valentine's Day as we traveled to Spring Creek Resident Home Eagle Island to spend Valentine's social hour visiting with and sharing treats with the residents. We  delivered Valentine's made by our own kindergarten classes.   Pictures below.

Wow!  What an incredible way to spend Valentines.   North Star Junior Honor Society spent over an hour after school Tuesday, Feb, 14th socializing and delivering valentine's made by the kindergartners to a local care facility in Eagle. The students got to spend time visiting with the residents, having treats, and then going around to each room hand delivering valentines for residents who could not leave their room.  Many residents had tears in their eyes and commented that it has been a long time since they received a homemade valentine.  Our 7th and 8th graders earned their title of Honor Society by honoring our school with their caring and compassionate behavior towards the residents. Thank you to the four kindergarten teachers who supported our students' plan and made the adorable cards that include designs of fish, mice, monsters, and lots of hearts.  I am proud to be the advisor of this incredible group of students as they are already planning a return visit before Easter.

6th graders making their first move in preparing for college!!!

Students in the 6th grade are learning the basics of Chess from their counselor, Mr. Pettit.  He uses this opportunity to teach students the importance of learning strategy and looking ahead as they prepare for their future.

Each lesson on Friday begins with a teachable moment from Mr. Pettit talking about the importance of continuing education and the skills needed in the future. Mr. Pettit talks about his recent communication with colleges and what skills and jobs they are preparing their students for.  He then uses Chess to guide students in thinking ahead.  Each lesson is relatable to skills they can use in their future along with being fun.

Elementary Information

The following 5th grade students were part of a very special concert at the Nampa Civic Center on Sunday February 12th.
Aspen Zuber
Hannah Anderson
Jacob Dowalter
Alexa Seher
Hailey Morgan
Riley Cummings
Ashlyn Maudlin
Chloe Ballhagen
Julia Benavides
Erina Boss
Riya Dhingra
Noor Sodhi

NY Jazz Singer and recording artist Alexis Cole did a performance featuring songs from her Disney album. She requested North Star students to join her for a special performance of Hakuna Matata, Beauty and the Beast, and America the Beautiful. They were well-received for the standing ovation.

Sports Information:
As we are a collaborative newsletter, there are sometimes errors or misspelled words in our articles.  One of our strengths is amount of voices that contribute to our Digest, yet this also offers challenges.
Last week we congratulated Sebastien de Villiers on a recent victory up at Bogus, and his name was incorrectly printed. We were able to remedy the situation quickly when informed of the error, yet we still feel badly for the mix-up.
Our bad Sebastien.  Keep up the great work!
And thank you, to everyone who sends us articles, pictures, compliments, or errors...we appreciate your voice. Without you, we would not exist!

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