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If you would like to join the West Team e-mail blast list, please send an e-mail to westteam@northrockland.org.  (Your e-mail address will NOT be seen by other recipients).  

Test and quiz grades are written in the students' agendas.  Please review and sign the agenda nightly so we know the grades have been seen.  Thank you very much!                                       

Upcoming Assessments

*Classification science test for ALL classes on Wednesday, Oct. 18th. 
* Geography & the First Americans social studies vocabulary (p. 7-A) RETAKE quiz will be 9th period (after school) on Monday, October 23rd. 
 Geography & the First Americans social studies test (n.b. pgs. 7 to 11-C) will be the week of October 23rd (exact date TBD).

Dark Green = Science 7  [asterisk(*) indicates an attachment]
Light Green = Science 7X  [asterisk(*) indicates an attachment]
Purple = ELA
Blue = Social Studies
Red = MathX
Pink=Math 7