Welcome to the Room 49: The Art Room 
@ West Haverstraw Elementary School!

Art Teachers: Mrs. Karen Baumann & Mr. Ronan Bowes

The Art Education program at West Haverstraw Elementary builds a foundation for developing knowledge, skills and processes for visual literacy and creative expression. 

Art lessons are based on the Elements and Principles in Art, National Art Standards, and the Studio Habits of Mind for Artists. 

Students learn to communicate their ideas, opinions and feelings through drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, clay, mixed media, written word and discussions.

The WHES Art Room is always buzzing with excitement!
This year WHES is on a 4-Day rotation schedule. For more information see under Parent Resources.

Mrs. Baumann's classes:
3rd Grade: Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Tillman, Mrs. Egan, Mrs. Violetti, 
Mrs. Rosenberg
2nd Grade: Mr. Scaffidi, Mrs. Couch, Mrs. Golio, Mrs. Hirsch, Ms. Kaluzna, 
Ms. Peralta
1st Grade: Mrs. Brundage, Ms. Texler, Mrs. Connors, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Zivec, 
Mrs. Arico, Mrs. Conrad

Mr. Bowes' classes
2nd Grade: Mrs. Sandler, Mrs. O'Keefe, Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Rainone
1st Grade: Mrs. Laier, Mrs. Piesco

Please browse this website to see and learn more about what is happening at WHES! 

First grader painting with the primary colors, lines and simple shapes!

Please make sure your child is not wearing they party-best on their Art days.
Art room supplies smocks.