Special Services Department
65 Chapel Street  
Garnerville, NY 10923
Ph: 845-942-3430 / Fax: 945-942-3495
Sarah Sorensen, Director

Welcome to the North Rockland Special Services Department!

Our office provides Special Education programs and services for resident students ages 3 - 21. We see each child as an individual and seek to create an educational program to allow all students to thrive.  We offer a variety of special education programs and supports both within the North Rockland Schools and when necessary with collaboration with other educational programs throughout the county.

Our highly qualified staff and broad range of offerings, allow us to individualize each student's education.  Specialized programs and services  provide our students with learning differences, the opportunity to fully participate in the North Rockland school community.

We have listed some key information about the range of educational programs offered within the North Rockland Schools as well as key contact people in the department on the website.

If you have questions regarding our programs, services or wanting more information about a referral to the Committee of Special Education (CSE) or the Committee of Preschool Special Education (CPSE), please contact us.

We are here to help.

Sarah Sorensen

Director of Special  Services