The Diane Gasparrini English Honor Society

Diane Gasparrini English Honor Society ApplicationĀ 


This organization recognizes outstanding scholarship in English and fosters a lifelong love of the subject.


*academic cumulative 90 average in English 9, 10 and 11

*responsibility for learning and service


*critical thinking skills


Application Materials (Digital and Print) due by September 30th:


Completed application form online only via this link:

Step Two: PRINT

Write your first and last name on an envelope and enclose these two items:

(1) Unofficial Copy of Student Transcript from Parent Portal (highlight end of year average for ELA 9, 10 and 11)

(2) $10 dues (cash or money order only). Place the envelope in the 'VALERIO' mailbox in the Annex office by September 30th.

ONLY COMPLETED applications will be considered. Please follow all instructions and include all items in order to have a completed application. Thank you in advance for doing so well in ELA and for your interest in being a member of our honor society.