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 Date Title/Description     Due Date
 9/8/17Final Acrostic poster: example
B-enevolent; beach, bacon
L-oving; listening to music 
O-pen-minded; organizing
E-mpathetic; exercise
T-eacher, tennis; tubing
E-xcellent friend; eating
first word;              2nd word(s) 
Acrostic: adj/descriptive word/role; what makes you happy!

Add at least 3 small pictures or symbols that tell more about you/your interests (do not have to be related to words in acrostic)
9/5/17ELA materials (see list) are due (make sure to label covers and put paper in binder ahead of time) 
 9/13/17per3, 4, 7 sully characterization worksheet. Rewatch youtube interview "I was sure I could do it" if you wish. *due tomorrow....*per8: did not finish interview, will continue in class tomorrow, not HW*see details in middle column
9/13/17'Sentences' packet (started in class Monday) per3A, 4A, 8A: due Friday; per 7A due Monday (did not return today).
*see details in middle column

Lizzie Velasquez character trait chartdue Fri 9/29
 9/29webquest for per 7A day only: complete what you didn't have time for in classdue Monday
 10/2 word of the day sentences of your own 10/4
10/4RJ Palacio interview "How One Unkind Moment.." questions due thursday;
webquest due friday
 10/11/17 Part One Wonder questions due Friday; Quiz on Part 1 Friday 10/13;  
 10/16/17 Brainstorm /take notes on four out of five writing prompts - worksheet due Wed; decide by Wed 10/18 which you'd like to write your personal narrative about. 

Brainstorm about the following topics for a personal narrative.


1. The world can be a cold place, but a little kindness can make it a lot warmer. Write about a time when you made the world a better place for someone by being kind (not just nice) OR when someone made your life better by showing kindness.



2. Appearances are important. Sometimes your appearance can work for you; other times it can work against you. Write about a time when someone treated you differently because of your appearance. You can share a negative or positive appearance.



3. It’s been said that every grey cloud has a silver lining. The hard part is looking for it. Write about a time when you made the best of a bad situation.



4. People change. That’s a part of life. Write about a time when you or someone you know changed in an important way (and what caused that change).



5. The process of growing up is a slow one. It takes your whole childhood. But some events cause us to grow up more quickly than others. Write about an experience that caused you to grow up quickly.


 10/17 Part Two Wonder questions due Thurs 10/19 
 10/19 Writing the Personal NArrative: 2-5 sentence Hook 
 10/20 Narratives: Adding Dialogue 5-10 lines 
 10/23 Wonder reading Part 3; complete packet due Wed. 10/25 
 10/26 Narrative Notes due Monday 10/30 -- see worksheet:

Name ______________________        Per _________

Narrative Notes:

Point of view

Your first-person narrator is YOU. What are your thoughts/feelings/opinions about the situation/experience?  (be sure to make these clear in your story) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Write out the PLOT of your story. ….6-10 events, step by step:

1. First, ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Next, ______________________________________________


3. ______________________________________________


4. ______________________________________________


5. ______________________________________________


6. ______________________________________________


7. ______________________________________________


8. ______________________________________________


9. ______________________________________________


10. ______________________________________________



What is your attention grabber/Hook? (first couple sentences) : _____________________________________________________





DIALOGUE: (approx. 10 lines)

What will your dialogue be about? _________________________


What will the dialogue reveal about your character (s)? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What dialogue tags will you use to show attitude/personality, other than said? (see list) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

**Remember: if your dialogue involves only two people, you can use no tag after the first 3-5 lines; just be sure to indent each time you change who is speaking



Setting & Imagery:

While writing or when finished with a draft, ask yourself if you have used more than one sense to describe the setting, “scenery” and help your reader feel as though s/he is there. What details might appeal to our sense of:

Sight ?_______________________________________________


Smell ?_______________________________________________

Touch ? ______________________________________________

Taste ? _______________________________________________



Word Choice: the adjectives, adverbs, and action verbs should help the reader understand your mood. Be as specific as possible and be sure not to use many “penny” words!

List a few words you’d like to change in the next draft:






 11/3 Narrative Rough (complete) draft -
unedited, due Mon 11/6. Accepted no
later than Wed 11/8.  Share to bbloete@
 11/3 Part 5 Justin of Wonder novel - each
student given a packet to READ and 
questions to answer. Due Wed 11/8

Extra Assignment (not extra credit)

due 11/9

-- no penalty if not done, but can boost your grade!   *Worth 20 pts


Using any 10 of your Words of the Day, write an original story or dialogue 


Be sure to:

-Establish at least one character and setting!

-Underline the WOD words used; be sure to use them correctly (see part of speech).

-Write a minimum of 15 sentences (in other words, there should be more than just the sentences with WODs in them.

11/9Wonder Part 6 ?s due Mon  
 11/13/17 wonder Part 7
due Wed 11/15
 11/14 Fall assessment Gr 8:
 11/14Survey about HW 
 11/15-17 Finish reading Wonder; Part 8 questions due
Monday 11/20.   (all Part 6, 7 - late
assignments - due by Monday, with Late forms,
no exceptions) 
 11/20/17 Wonder Character Snapshot
(Silhouette paper & Word Snapshot
directions*) due Wed 11/29
 11/21/17 Wonder open-binder test - apply
knowledge of LIT terms to Wonder
novel -- Allusions, Setting, Conflict,
Point-of-view, Plot, Traits  
 11/28/17 Character Snapshot due tomorrow!
Follow all directions for: traits,
precept, and 3 quotes from novel
 11/29/17 Narrative Better Draft

Checklist for Content:

__I have an attention grabber/hook that shocks my reader or piques my reader’s interest/curiosity, instead of just a topic sentence or intro statement.


__ I tell my story in first person point of view. This means I share my opinions, feelings/thoughts.


__ I have a setting that is either stated or implied with sensory imagery.


__ I have characters that I described either physically or their attitude /behavior


__I used descriptive details & appealed to more than one sense 


__ I have written at least 10 lines DIALOGUE, punctuated correctly, following 5 rules/examples!!


__ My dialogue forwards the plot and/or shows the characters’ personality


___ My story has a clear purpose or message towards the end (think of your topic/prompt,chosen at beginning of assignment)

 Writing Mechanics Checklist:

Have you used strong, complete sentences?


a)         A sentence begins with a capital letter, and it ends with a mark of punctuation (period. Question mark? Exclamation point!).

b)         A good sentence expresses a complete idea.

c)         Vary sentence lengths and patterns.  Mix shorter sentences with longer sentences; combine short sentences into compound or complex sentences.

d)         Vary sentence beginnings.  Do not always begin with subject-verb; begin sometimes with dependent clauses, adverbs, or prepositional phrases.



Have you avoided usage errors?


a)         Check for subject-verb agreement (singular subject-singular verb; plural subject-plural verb.  For example, it is never “we was,” but rather, “we were.”).

b)         Check for correct adjective and adverb usage, taking care to use the appropriate positive, comparative, or superlative form.  Avoid redundancy (For example, it is never “most ugliest” but rather “ugliest.  Nor is it ever “more uglier,” but rather “uglier.”).




a)  Choose a writing partner who has not had an opportunity to read your draft (if possible, get someone who has no idea of your topic or subject).

b)         Ask that person to read your paper aloud to you, without stopping

 to adjust for any errors!  Your partner should read through until s/he 

reaches punctuation, and should pronounce words as they are spelle

in your writing, and not as you may have meant them to

 be spelled or pronounced.  You should listen for 

mispronounced words, and for run-on sentences. 

 Make the appropriate editing marks in all the places

 where they need to be made, and make your changes!

c)         Listen to make sure your writing sounds like language!  Trust your ear!  You know the language very well, probably better than you think.

d)         Now you can serve as your partner’s partner, and complete this task for her/him by reading her/his paper aloud.

 11/30-12/4 Students created Allusions slideshows to present as a group
Each student received an Allusion from Wonder & was
responsible for explaining  A)  its origin/description and
B) its connection to Wonder characters and plot, purpose of
author's choice to include this specific allusion in the novel
and C) whether it is an historical, literary, cultural, or biblical 
allusion. **Presentations Mon-Wed**
 12/6/17 sp/vocab sentences (10)
using FFA list due 12/12.
 12/14/17 spelling/Vocabulary Test 
Tues 12/19 on 20 words 
from "Flowers for Algernon"
short story.  **CREATE FLASH
 CARDS - due Mon 12/18
 1/11/18 Outsiders Ch 3&4 Critical Reading
Questions*  *see below for copy 
(choose 2 per chapter) -- due Friday
 1/12/18 Outsiders Ch 5 CRQ* due Tues 1/16
Outsiders Ch 6 CRQ* due Wed 1/17
 1/17 Outsiders Ch 7 CRQ* due Friday 1/19;
Quiz Ch 4-8 Monday, may use notes
 1/19 Outsiders ch 8 CRQ* due Monday;
Quiz on Ch 4-8 (may use notes)
 1/22 Outsiders ch 9 due wed; ch 10-12**
(**1 question each - due Friday)
  *Critical Reading Questions see below:

Critical Reading Questions for The Outsiders


For each chapter you read, choose & respond to any two of the following questions. Each response should be 50-100 words each. Write in complete sentences, either typed or in your neatest handwriting on loose-leaf!


  1. Describe how the events in this chapter affected the main character. How has s/he changed, grown or developed as a result of what happens? What’d he learn?


  1. How did the main character’s Conflict (internal or external) become more complicated in this chapter? Explain.


  1. How did you connect or react emotionally to the events (or dialogue) in this chapter? Did it evoke anger, fear, sadness, etc. in you? Why?


  1. What was the most important part/event of this chapter ? Explain why.


  1. Prediction: What happens in this chapter that may help or hurt the main character later in the life of the character? Explain.


  1. How would you have acted/reacted differently than the main character did to the events or other characters’ actions in this chapter? Explain why.


  1. What advice would you give to the main character at the end of this chapter? Write a letter of advice to him/her. (use: Dear ___; Sincerely, ____)


  1. Write a journal entry (in First Person Point of View) by anyone other than the main character/narrator about what s/he experienced in this chapter only.


  1. Explain how you can personally relate to what happens with one of the characters in this chapter. Is it something you’ve experienced or felt before? Explain.


  1. Make up 5 questions that could appear on a quiz about this chapter. See below:

The questions must start with the following words EXACTLY:

    1. What is/was…?
    2. What/Who might…?
    3. How might…?
    4. What/How did…?
    5. Who...?


*Attempt to use a variety of questions on your assignments each chapter; decide which are most appropriate for each chapter. You DO NOT have to provide answers for #10.


 1/24/18 extra points:
Use TEN (10) Words of the
Day from November-January to
1) write an alternate ending to
The Outsiders, OR
2) write a letter from one [ living ] 
character to another one year later 
Due no later 
than Tuesday 1/30.
 1/29             1960s webquest is
due 1/30 for per 3/4 (choose 15 questions)
and 1/31 for per 7/8 (20 questions)
 2/26 Students will finish an Edited & revised
second draft of Outsiders Soundtrack
essay by Friday 3/2 (before class)
See Rubric (100 pts) and the Editing/
Revising checklist on reverse side.




I. Printing Essay/Song (5-10 min)

A.   Before printing your Outsiders Soundtrack essay, please type the title of your song at the top, centered under your heading. Make sure your font size is 12-14 Times New Roman or Arial.

B.    Before printing your song lyrics on Google docs or Word, number the lines every 5th line (5, 10, 15, etc) in the left margin. (Try to make your song fit on one page (don’t print two pages if there are no lyrics you used on second, or if the lyrics are repeated throughout.)

C.    Print both. Write your name on back of your printed song. Turn in.



II. New assignment: (30-35 min)

A. Create a document (or use looseleaf):

1. Define stereotype in 25 words or less. Google it.

2. In your own words/opinion, what do you think are 
two stereotypes of American culture? (you don’t have

to agree with these). In other words, how do people

in other countries perceive American citizens': their lives,

their personalities, their values/priorities and habits? 
(these can be positive or negative). 

3. Then, copy/paste link below into browser: read about 
some negative and positive stereotypes of Americans.  
Name and explain 3 of each (summarize reasons 
in 20 words or less).   Link to article:


4. What is your opinion about what you read? (20-50 words)


B. Print & Turn in


 3/12/18 Stereotypes (gender) newspaper articles
 & self-check Quizzes...due in class or
finish for hw due Tues 3/13
 3/13/18 Stereotypes, Prejudice and
Discrimination: two true stories.
HW: Summarize 5-10 facts about
"A Risky Experiment" -- on handout
or on looseleaf! (per 4, 7, 8) 
 3/16/18 per 7 A & 8 A: essays returned with
rubric/comments on strengths &
weaknesses; final revision (3rd draft)
can be done to gain back a maximum
 of half the points lost. For ex: If you
got an 80%, you can still get grade
up to a 90% at most (IF you make
improvements and fulfill all the 
criteria expressed on graded rubric.
All revisions should be highlighted. 
Please send to my email "Final":
Due: Tues 3/20

 3/19 All classes: see Journal #1:
Diversity -- 150-200 words
answering the 5 questions. due 3/20
 3/19 per 3A 
essays returned with 
rubric/comments on strengths & 
weaknesses; final revision (3rd draft)
can be done to gain back a maximum
 of half the points lost. For ex: If you 
got an 80%, you can still get grade 
up to a 90% at most (IF you make 
improvements and fulfill all the 
criteria expressed on graded rubric.
All revisions should be highlighted. 
Please send to my email "Final":
Optional: due 3/24
 3/20 per 4 A