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Class plans for Oct. 17-20

Quote for the week: "Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved."

College-bound vocabulary:
Associate's Degree (AA)
Bachelor's Degree (BA)
Undergraduate studies
Master's Degree (MA)
Doctorate (PhD)
Graduate School

POD for Monday, 10/17
Wrapping up 1st quarter
    1. Grades for presentations
    2. Check in on class norms

    1. Collecting completed permission slips
    2. Medication administration form
    3. Answering questions about fieldwork

Post- high school plans
    1. Journal question: Where do I plan on being and what do I plan on doing after graduating from Northpoint?
    2. Four corners protocol
    3. Career goals and education needed for those goals
    4. Looking at the statistics of what high school behavior predicts college success-- spirit read

POD for Tuesday, 10/18
LTs: I can be familiar with AZCIS to help plan my post-secondary life.
  • Intro to class website.
    • Log in and passwords:; username: firstnamelastname, password: firstnamelastname15
    • Scavenger hunt.
    • Take home message: How is this website useful in preparing me for college?
Homework: Scavenger Hunt in AZCIS (due Wednesday, 10/19)

POD for Wednesday, 10/19
LTs: I can use AZCIS to help plan my post-secondary life.
Thursday- Meet in career center for class
  • Take a stand
    • Take Home Message: How is this site useful in planning my post-highschool life?
    • Scavenger hunt
    • Checklist for 9th graders in ECAP- Career Cluster Inventory
  • Fieldwork permission slips collected
Homework: Career Cluster Inventory (save results!)- Due Thursday, 10/20

POD for Thursday, 10/20
LTs: I can name the criteria I have for colleges I am interested and use it to evaluate colleges.
  • Career Cluster Inventory check-in
  • Meet the Career Center and Dr. Siner
  • College comparison
    • AZCIS "school sort"
  • What are five criteria you have for the schools you are interested in?
    • Look at NAU and predict if you will like it or not
  • HOW grade for week
  • Fieldwork: We still need two chaperones.

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