Class plans for week of 11/7-11/10

POD for Monday, 11/7
LT: I can describe various advertising strategies used today. homework check
  • homework check
  • media contest: bad ad essay, due 11/21
  • book groups meet to compare notes, present main ideas
  • take home message to poster
Homework: read winning essay examples  and write at the bottom of each why that essay won the contest (refer back to the contest grading sheet)

POD for Tuesday, 11/8
LT: I can name advertising strategies used by alcohol and drug companies.
  • Guest presentation by Ms. Jeanne Wellins of MATForce
    • Please take notes on the advertising strategies that Ms. Wellins discusses

POD for Wednesday, 11/9
LT: I can take quality notes from presentations.
LT: I can describe advertising strategies.

  • Wellins/ MATForce review
    • Take home message/notes
    • extra understanding reading opportunity
    • thank you card
  • Readings
    • Note-taking and share-out
    • Poster updates
  • Bad ad contest
    • Recap contest
    • Homework check: Take home message for contest winners
    • What ad are you choosing to use?
    • Adbuster worksheet (Save the Google Doc in your name)

P.O.D for Thursday, 11/9

A. Bad Ad Contest
       - Google doc worksheet- Due Monday
B. Killing Us Softly
       - Take notes on new info.
C. How Grades
       - Turn in for week
D. Guest Speaker
       - M. Stefanski live from New York City!
E. Weekend Homework
       - Google doc worksheet
       - PARTY ROCK!