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Dear incoming 7th and 8th grade band students,

I am excited to meet all of you today and tomorrow.  Let's bring our instruments starting next Monday, Aug. 27.  Begin bringing your binders as soon as you have them.  
The first paper I will send home is a paper with the concert dates.  This paper must be returned in order to remain in band.  If you return it with a parent signature by Friday Aug. 24, you will earn 5 extra credit points in band!  
Parents, please look for many papers coming home in band.  We have several papers needing signatures, and information regarding concerts, band shirts, fees, books, supplies, etc.  I look forward to meeting you on Thursday evening at Back to School night and feel free to call or email anytime with questions.
Let's have a great year!
Mrs. Swank

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3/2/12 World Premier

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Dear Parents, 

Just to let you know a green half sheet paper has been sent home with all band students.  They were to circle the events in which they are involved.  Please ask them to see the reminder and post on the refrigerator and/or add to your family calendar.  The week of March 19 holds many events for the band program.

On of those exciting events is a world premier of a composition by Mr. Ryan Betts.  The Wind Ensemble will be premiering a new piece by the University of  Dayton composition student at the March concert.  The piece is titled, "Alarm" and is composed in an indeterminate style, which means that each time it is played, it is a different, unique piece.  The students have been having a "blast" working on this piece and we are excited to present this to the world.  

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me - e mail is great!
Mrs. Swank

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Events for All Bands in March

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Dear Parents,
I have uploaded three flyers that will be coming home with your students in the next couple of school days.   There is a different reminder for each band.  It includes information regarding an after school rehearsal for all 7th graders and for Concert Band students.  It also has reminders about the concert dates that were on the calendar at the beginning of the year.  Thank you for making plans now to ensure that your students is present!

Mrs. Swank

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12/19/11 New Year's Resolution

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Dear Band Parents and Students,

The students may have told you that I have recently experienced a wisdom tooth extraction and now a dry socket.  Wow, what a painful experience.  I am ashamed to say that this has made my patience with behavior such as rolling eyes and smirks much shorter than it should be.  My new years resolution is to have more patience with the students.  

I am very excited about the new music on which we are working and it will take patience from all of us to get these pieces up to the best they can be.  In the far future, OMEA contest is coming for Wind Ensemble and we will all be working to achieve the highest standard of which we are capable.  

Money for our fundraiser is due tomorrow.  A huge thank you to all that participated and have already turned in the funds.

I wish you all a happy and healthy break without any dry sockets!  I am anxious to get back to playing my horn!  
Happy New Year!
Mrs. Swank

12/8/11 Fundraiser Pick up Date 12/16/11

posted Dec 8, 2011, 11:54 AM by Julie Swank

Dear Parents,

The Cheese and Sausage Delivery date is late on Thursday 12/15/11.  Please arrange to pick up your items early in the morning of 12/16/11 if you have a large order.  I will be here that morning beginning at 7:00 am.  Thank you!
Mrs. Swank

12/6/11 Congratulations!

posted Dec 6, 2011, 6:29 AM by Julie Swank

Dear Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band students and parents,

I wish to congratulate you for a job well done.  Three concerts in two days is much to ask and you all stepped up to the challenge.  I am so pleased with the mood and emotion we were able to achieve with our pieces.  There are a few things on which we will work, of course, but there was a definite afterglow of success.  Congratulations!

Cheese and Sausage Fundraiser information continues to come to me, but not the exact date of delivery - yet.  I will let you know as soon as I know.  All I know now is the week of Dec. 12 - 16 - next week during business hours.  Look for more information here and on handouts to come home with the students.

Again, many thanks for the feedback and kind words about the concert.  I have received so many compliments and I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead this group of students.  Be sure to tell them how well they are doing, to encourage them to reach higher and practice more and more!
Mrs. Swank

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