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Cool Games for Cool Gamers

Check out these sites for GREAT educational games in any and every subject area.  Know of any other great EDUCATIONAL game sites?  Send me an email at and let me know about it!!!!

BrainPop presents GameUp:

Arcademic Skill Builders:

Discovery Kids (check out WhizzBall):

PBS Kids has a TON of games...and NO, they are not all for babies and little kids!!!!!  The cool thing about this site is that you can create an account for free and once you have done this, you can access something called your secret box, which allows you to play all kinds of games and collect points to purchase things to add to your page!!!  See me if you are interested and can't figure it out!!!  Here are a few links that I think will be helpful to you this year:
    All Games and Videos:
    Wild Kratts: