There are lots of usernames and passwords to remember this year.  Visit this page if you need a reminder!  

Student gmail Accounts: 

Username: first initial, last name, 001 (some will have a different number like 002 or higher)  EXAMPLE: lskywalker001
Password: initials, lunch number (student ID)   EXAMPLE: Ls012345   (note that you need to start your number with a zero if it is not already 6 digits)
Email address: first initial, last name, 001    EXAMPLE:

Study Island:

Please note: this information may no longer work.  If not, please try using your gmail username and password above.

Username: lunch number @northmontschools   EXAMPLE: 12345@northmontschools   (note that there is no ".com" or ".org")
Password: first and last initial, last two digits of birth year.  EXAMPLE: fb86
Web Address:

My Math Web Site:
Username: student initials and lunch code  EXAMPLE: RS012345   *Make sure you use capital letters
Password: student initials and lunch code again

Interactive Science (our science textbook) Web Site:
Our class name: Northmoor Science 2016/2017   Instructor: Lombardo
Use this code to register: FB795F8AD0DDCF09561B

1. Go to
2. Log in by typing your username and password
Username: Student email address
Password: Student initials and lunch code
3. From your home page, click MY ACCOUNT
5. Follow instructions and use the class code above to register. 


To access our class photo web site on shutterfly, you will need a password.  For security reasons, this password cannot be posted here.  Please contact Mr. Lombardo to request the password if you have misplaced or forgotten it!  

Scholastic Book Orders:

Our online ordering code is GQ4CJ