Lightsaber Lectures

Welcome to "Lightsaber Lectures"

I have created this collection of short videos (starring yours truly) that review and reteach concepts discussed in class.  Videos are hosted externally or  Click on a link to be transported.
Episode 22: Finding the Mean.  Master Lombardo, with the help of his students, reviews how to find the mean, given a set of data. 
Episode 23: Square Numbers & Square Roots.   Looking for a short video explaining square roots and square numbers?  Master Lombardo has got ya covered! 
Episode 1: Naming lines, line segments, rays, and angles.   Master Lombardo shows how to give names to lines, line segments, rays, and angles. 
Episode 2: Introduction to Polygons.   Master Lombardo tries out the SMARTboard and discusses the definition of a polygon.  Different polygon names are discussed.  This was the same Notebook presentation given to students in class. 
Episode 5: Place Value & Naming Large Numbers.  Master Lombardo discusses how to say large numbers correctly. 
Episode 6: Data Landmarks.  Master Lombardo demonstrates how to find the maximum, minimum, range, mode, and median of a set of data. 
Episode 12: Adding and Subtracting with Decimals.  Master Lombardo demonstrates an addition problem and a subtraction problem...both involving decimals.   
Episode 13: Multiplication Wrestling.  Master Lombardo shows a unique way to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers.
Episode 21: Traditional Multiplication.   Multiplication, as it was taught for generations, is demonstrated. 
Episode 16: Lattice Multiplication.    Another way to multiply! 

Episode 17: Long Division.  Master Lombardo demonstrates how to solve multi-step division problems.
Episode 18: Measuring Angles.  Using a primitive tool known as a protractor, Master Lombardo shows how to measure angles. 
Episode 20: Finding Equivalent Fractions.  His class armed with mini marshmallows, Master Lombardo discusses a simple way to find equivalent fractions.  Then makes a mistake: he disappoints his class. 
Episode 3: Classification.  Science Inquiry Skills.  Master Lombardo uses self-drawn pictures of aliens to discuss how scientists classify things.  An abbreviated version of a classroom activity. 
Episode 7: The Water Cycle.  Assisted by his class, Master Lombardo talks briefly about how water is recycled on our planet. 

Episode 9: Wind.  Master Lombardo tries some embarrassing things to get students to remember how wind is formed.

Episode 10: Rain Shadow.  With the help of his trusty SMARTboard, Master Lombardo discusses rain shadow.  
Episode 11: Clouds.  Master Lombardo talks about the four types of clouds discussed in class. 
Social Studies
Episode 4: Ohio Glaciers.   Master Lombardo shows a quick demonstration to illustrate how glaciers helped shape Ohio. 
Episode 8: Prehistoric Indians of Ohio.  Master Lombardo and Master Schreiber talk about the first people in Ohio.
Episode 14: French & Indian War and Pontiac's Rebellion.  Master Lombardo discusses these two historic events. 
Episode 15: The Revolutionary War.  Master Lombardo talks about some of the highlights of one of the world's most famous wars. 
Episode 19: Ohio Inventors.  Although exhausted from a duel with a Sith Lord, Master Lombardo manages to discuss some of Ohio's most famous inventors with the help of Master Schreiber.
Northmoor Teachers Perform the Hoedown Throwdown.  Not a Lightsaber Lecture, but hopefully just as enjoyable.  From the 2010 Northmoor Talent Show, Mr. Lombardo and his colleagues perform a dance to the Hannah Montana song, "the Hoedown Throwdown."