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Welcome to 5th and 6th grade science.
Parents, we use google classroom for 5th and 6th grade science. If you are having issues viewing the homework page please email me and I'll invite you to receive homework updates and grant access to the homework calendar.  If your son/daughter is logged into google you can view the homework calendar.  They already have access to the homework calendar. You can also sign up to receive daily email updates to keep you informed about all science and math homework, projects and announcements.  

5th Grade Simple Machine Projects
The students had to create a model that would rescue a tiger that fell in a moat.  The students had a list of criteria and constraints that they needed to follow in order to be successful.  Some criteria included, the device must safely
 lift the animal at least 4 inches and set it down in a safe area away from where the animal was trapped, a harness for the animal must be created that safely supports the animal and does not pull on the animal's tail, legs, or head, and the design must include a compound machine consisting of at least two simple machines.  Here are a few photos of some student's models.

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