Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Social Studies! Our journey together builds upon the skills and knowledge gained from 5th and 6th grade. We will continue to refer to the 5 Themes of Geography (MR. HELP), as well as make connections to political decisions, social issues, and economic impact. We take things up a notch as we discuss globalization, make deeper connections to our world's history, and further develop critical thinking and analysis skills. The world is an ever-changing, dynamic place. Endless amounts of information comes to us in a variety of ways. Our students will continue to develop skills and strategies that allow for discernment and analysis of historical events (as well as current local, national, and world events) keeping in mind the different perspectives that come along with all of it. 

Our 7th grade journey picks up where our 5th grade studies left off. We start with a review of what the United States looked like before it became this great nation and a world leader. We will analyze the U.S. Constitution, take a trip westward with Lewis & Clark, and then spend some time learning about the factors that led a young America into a vicious fight against itself. As the Civil War comes to an end, we will take a look at how the once again United States begins to reconstruct, rebuild, and reform itself throughout the 20th century.  The 7th graders will also examine various significant events in the 21st century.

Our 8th grade journey begins with a deeper look into the roles of historians and archaeologists as we travel back in time to study prehistoric people and early civilizations. We examine the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, and then spend time comparing and contrasting the major religions of the world. The beginning of western culture in Ancient Greece and Rome is our next stop, and then we head over to medieval Europe and analyze the influences of the Dark Ages and subsequent Renaissance. Finally, the students will consider how the world's history has had definite effects on the formation of the United States of America. 

We will travel all around the world in ways that are new and intriguing. One of the most important items we will bring along on our journey is the willingness to maintain an open mind; one that insists on critical analysis and an appreciation of various perspectives. 

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