Mrs Andorfer's Classroom

    Meet Your Teacher

    Welcome to 5th and 6th grade Social Studies at North Lake School! Our journey together begins with understanding the importance of the 5 themes of geography - Movement, Region, Human/Environment Interaction, Location and Place. The students know this as "MR. HELP". Looking at the world through the "eyes" of MR HELP will help the students understand the places we study and make some very interesting connections. 

    Our 5th grade journey takes us from a barren North American continent occupied by few natives thousands of years ago to a culture-rich continent filled with diverse groups of people, difficult decisions and a newly crafted U.S. Constitution that is put to the test. Learning about U.S. history is an interesting and thought provoking experience. The culminating 5th grade experience is the State Visitor Center created by the students. Each student will research a state in the U.S. and will showcase their findings in a variety of exciting ways. 

    Our 6th grade journey takes us around the world! In addition to MR HELP guiding our studies, we examine the social issues, economic impact, and political decisions that affect citizens across our globe. We definitely gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live. Our culminating project in 6th grade requires the students to take what they have learned about the successful countries in the world (and the not so successful), and create their own country anywhere on the globe. Some thought provoking questions are generated for the students as they create... What physical features will be important in my country? What type of government do I want to create? Will my citizens have a "say" in how the country is run? How do I create a solid infrastructure or a thriving economy? These experiences allow the students to connect to their world in ways they never thought of before.