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I was hired in the fall of 2011 as a World History Instructor for our school. Since that time, I have broadened my course load to include courses for all grade levels at the NLA Upper School. Below is a description of the classes that I am currently instructing, with links to the their home pages.

9th Grade Civics: A required course for all 9th grade students. Students will study the basic foundations of the United States government, the essential rights, liberties, and expectations of citizenship, and an opportunity to design and participate in community service projects. Students will be required to complete a set number of community service hours and seek to understand what "active citizenship" means to young, non-voting, students.

11th Grade World History:
World History is taken by all 11th grade students and will continue to study the world regionally, paralleled with literature selections from that region in the student's World Literature course. 2-3 major assessments (exams, papers, projects, presentations) will be administered during every unit of study. Students will be required to participate in the National History Day process, and this year's theme, "Rights and Responsibilities."

11th Grade Advanced Placement World History: Standards for this dual credit course are determined by CollegeBoard's expectations, and is open only to junior students in the place of the standard offering of World History. Students should expect a much greater challenge as we study the world regionally, and prepare for the AP World History exam in May. Some optional course texts must be purchased at the student's expense.

12th Grade Economics: A one-semester course required for senior students in order to earn their final 0.5 Social Studies credit. The content will cover a general overview of the philosophy behind basic economic theory, application of rudimentary technical elements, and the application of skills needed to succeed financially beyond high school. Other topics include the stock market, global trade, and understanding how statistics can be used practically.

May Term: An opportunity for all Upper School students, grades 9-12, to explore and study a wide variety of “special topics” of their choosing that do no appear in typical content courses. May Term classes are grouped into one of three categories: academic, social, or physical.

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"If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
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