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Yearbook and Senior Portraits

Email or about yearbooks, senior portraits, or senior ads.                        Mrs. Prewitt DOES NOT have additional yearbook information.  

Yearbook Information:
Did you know? The yearbook is printed 16-32 pages at a time throughout the course of the school year. The pages are stored in a warehouse until the entire book is complete, and then they are sewn into the cover and shipped to NGHS. 

Pages with senior portraits, grades 9-11 portraits, and senior ads are printed in the fall. This is because activities that appear on the other pages (sports, clubs, visual and performing arts, etc.) have not really gotten going for the year yet.  Makes sense, right? This is why you MUST meet the senior photo session and senior ad deadlines listed below. Why can't you order a senior ad in December or during second semester? It's because that section has already been printed!

Senior Portraits:

Senior Picture Info
  • Senior Pictures are currently being taken at Cady Studios. Cady Studios is our official photographer, so senior yearbook photos MUST be taken with them in order to appear in the yearbook. Pictures must be taken by September 30th, 2018  (deadline extended) to appear in the yearbook. This is a firm deadline, so please make your appointments asap. Visit and click the link to Cady Studios or visit to book an appointment online. 

  • Yearbook Ads- Senior parents always have the opportunity to create a personalized yearbook ad for their graduate. This year the deadline for creating and paying for the ad is October 31. There are full-page, 1/2 page and 1/4 page options. Please see the attached flyer for information about pricing and ad creation. The ad creation website is  and the necessary school code is 1684.

  • AGAIN- Important DEADLINES Senior Pictures - September 30
   Senior Ads- October 31

Ordering Yearbooks:
1. The best time to order yearbooks is at the beginning of the school year since prices go up a little at a time throughout the year. 
2. Deadline for ordering a yearbook is Jan. 30.
3. There is a date early second semester when the yearbook sponsors must tell the publishing company how many yearbooks to print. You CANNOT order yearbooks after this time, so do pay attention to this deadline.
*Over the years, we have had many parents forget to order yearbooks. Since we don't order many extras, there is sometimes a shortage at the end of the year. Parents have even tried to call the publishing company and have them print a book for their student. We have worked with several publishing companies over the years and have NEVER found one that will actually print that extra yearbook. Don't miss the deadline!

Senior Ads:
  • Senior ads for the yearbook can be created and purchased at The deadline for this is October 31, 2018

Please see the attached flyer for information concerning the cost and process for submitting senior yearbook ads. You can create and purchase the ad and buy your yearbook using the link above to access the Yearbook Order Center.

Dana Prewitt,
Aug 5, 2018, 1:01 PM