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"SENIORS - If you believe that you have PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the past 4 years and wish to be recognized at Senior Honors Night, you must stop by to see Ms. Gresham in the Counseling Office or Ms. Baraban at the Attendance Desk no later than Friday, April 6.  We will take your name and verify your attendance history to see if you qualify for this award."

"SENIORS - If you have been awarded an outside scholarship from a college or other organization or have earned any special awards (such as Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award), we would like to recognize your accomplishment in a special way.  Please bring a copy of your award letter to Ms. Blackwell in the Counseling Office by no later than Friday, April 26th so that we can include your information!"

If you have questions about this…

…first read this…

…then go here for more information…

and if you still have questions, ask…





Prom and Junior Dues

This year's prom will be held at the Gwinnett Center on Saturday, May TBD.  If you did NOT pay your Junior Dues as a junior, and you wish to attend prom, you must go back and pay this fee IN ADDITION to Senior dues.  Junior Dues pay for prom!  Junior dues can be paid via


Community Service Logs

Community Service Logs are due to Ms. Roland in the Guidance Office on Friday April 12th.


For additional information about community service and how many hours are needed to receive invitations to events, see the "Senior" tab on the Counseling Office Website or go to


Final Transcripts

Colleges require students to submit a copy of their final transcript form at the end of their senior year.

Students need to stop by the counseling office in April or May to fill out their transcript request. Final transcripts can be picked up at the front desk M-TH from 8-4 as soon as they are available. Exact date TBA.


Senior Letters

This is our most important activity other than graduation!!  Senior Letters are positive letters written to seniors.  They are delivered to seniors at the Senior Letter Luncheon. Date TBD.  INCLUDED IN THE ATTACHMENTS BELOW!  

The final day for letters has not yet been determined for 2019.

Senior Events—breakfast, luncheon, and dress-up days, etc…

Tuesday, May  --Senior yearbooks will be distributed

Monday, May  --Parent hall decorating after school.

Monday, May -  Decades Day

Tuesday, May - Kindergarten Day  Senior Breakfast before school in the Commons! Starts at 6:30 and will go 'til 7 am. 

Wednesday, May- Vine/Meme Day

Thursday, May -  Disney Day

Friday, May  -Dress Your Best/ Future Career Day (Academic Awards ceremony is in the morning; this event is by invitation only.)

Tuesday, May --Senior Letter Luncheon 11:45-1:00. College/Military T-Shirt Day.

**Please note that the breakfast and luncheon are for seniors only and not for families. Sorry.

Mrs. Prewitt WILL need some parent assistance with some of these events.  More information will be available around the end of March.

Email Mrs. Prewitt to sign up to help.



Honors Night, Academic Awards Program, Community Service Breakfast

These events are by invitation only. Invitations come from the Counseling Office in May. Contact Counseling Office if you have questions.

Friday, May   --Academic Honors Program Awards 7:30- 9:00 AM in the NGHS Theatre.

Saturday, May --Servant Leadership Breakfast 9:30-11:00 AM in the Commons Area.

Monday, May --Senior Honors Night 6:30-8:30 PM at Cross Pointe Church

For additional information about community service and how many hours are needed to receive invitations to events, see the "Senior" tab on the Counseling Office Website. 


Senior Letter Luncheon

Letters will be passed out in the cafeteria during the Senior Luncheon. Directions for writing letters and getting them to school are available on the senior website.

See attached instructions at the bottom of this page.

Graduation Practice

Graduation practice will be in the NGHS Commons Area. Students MUST participate in practice in order to be able to participate in the ceremony.

If there is some reason you cannot attend practice (make-up AP exam, serious family emergency), you must let Mr. Siegfried know as soon as possible; otherwise we will not hold a seat for you, and you will not be able to participate in the ceremony!


Graduation Tickets

Each family receives 10 tickets for graduation.  The graduates themselves do not need a ticket.  Babies and very young toddlers who will be sitting in somebody's lap do not need tickets.  ALL other guests must have a ticket to enter the arena.  Graduates do not receive their tickets until graduation practice, which is usually the day before graduation in the NGHS Commons Area.  This is to ensure that everyone who received tickets has actually met all of the graduation requirements and that they will be participating in the ceremony.  

At the end of graduation practice, we allow students to stand in line to receive extra tickets if they need them.  Students receive one ticket and then go to the back of the line if they need another.  They can repeat the process until tickets run out; the entire process takes about 10 minutes.  We cannot guarantee the number of tickets that students can receive from this process; it depends on how many students need extras.    


Graduation Ceremony

Graduation will be at the Infinite Energy Center (formerly known as the Gwinnett Arena) on   May ????.  The ceremony will last around two hours.

Students should plan to be in the parking lot of the Arena by TBD.  Students should be in their seats by TBD.

**GCPS does NOT announce its graduation dates and times until after the mid-March BOE meeting. This is to avoid last minute date changes due to inclement weather, etc. 

**Students can’t wear any awards at ceremony other than those given by NGHS or Maxwell.

Our ceremony is at a sports arena. Handicapped seating is around the top of the arena. ONE guest can sit with the handicapped person, and the rest of the party can sit in the rows immediately below so that groups are still together.






If you have questions about

…first read this…

…then go here for more information…

and if you still have questions, ask…

Caps and Gowns

and Senior Dues

IF you paid Senior Dues, you have already paid for your caps and gowns. Students pick these up in the Commons Area during lunch on April TBDth.

Senior Dues are $150 

Delivery date for caps and gowns is usually the week after spring break. Specific date is TBD


Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements are beautiful cards that resemble wedding invitations.    Graduates send these cards to their friends and families to announce that they are graduating from high school.  An announcement is NOT the same as a ticket to graduation.  You may order as many announcements as you would like. 

See the "Balfour" tab on the senior class website for more information.

As long as you order announcements by the due date, they will be delivered to NGHS after spring break along with caps and gowns. Pick up in Commons Area on Friday, April TBD during lunch.

If you order your announcements late, they will be shipped to your home when they are printed and ready.

NGHS CANNOT help you with your questions about whether or not you ordered announcements or if it is too late. 

 Please contact Balfour at 770-614-9353.

Yearbook and Senior Ads

Please see the "Yearbook and Senior Portraits" tab on the senior class website for more information.

Because the yearbook is printed in sections throughout the year, deadlines cannot be extended. Please pay attention to deadlines for taking your senior portrait, submitting a senior ad, and purchasing a yearbook.



Yard Signs

These are the signs congratulating seniors that you see in front yards or at entrances to neighborhoods. Details about purchasing these appear in the NGHS enews letter all spring. 

Order from Postal Plus.

Phone: 770-271-4222


2018 Order form below

Fax: 770-271-9004


DVD of Graduation

Memory Maker video films our graduation ceremony and sells a professional video. There is a discount for people who order early.

Order forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Mail orders to:

MemoryMaker Video

2144 Independence Lane

Buford, GA 30519

Order on website:

Order form is attached below!

Order via  


**Order form attached at bottom of page.

Pictures of your student receiving diploma

Cady Studios will shoot two pictures of your student AT the graduation ceremony—one shaking hands and receiving the diploma and one posed with the diploma a few seconds later. They will also take candids of graduation and graduation practice.

Cady studios will send out an email to families within 12 hours after graduation to explain to you how to order the pictures that you want. IF you do not receive the email for some reason, please contact Cady Studios directly. Nobody at NGHS will be able to help you with this.  THANKS!

Cady Studios

44 Milton Ave.

Alpharetta, GA 30009
(678) 951-0102