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This is where you'll find any and all information involving the 9th grade version of The Studio. Follow links to get to where you need to be!

Instructor/Advisor: Kyle Jones   Room 619   kyle_jones@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
Instructor/Advisor: Nic Carroll   Room 622   nic_carroll@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

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Project 5 Statements of Research:
Pay attention to information below!

Your LA requirement for this project will be met through coffee chats and will finish with a unit test. We will be exploring Shakespeare! Click HERE for packet on Shakespeare.

Terms to Know: soliloquy, monologue, stage direction, dramatic irony, oxymoron, dramatic foil, allusion (greek/roman mythology), iambic pentameter, tragedy vs. comedy (dramas), playwright, puns, aside.  

As a group, you will be looking at the Monster APHG Vocabulary of one of the areas below, and creating a product/presentation that demonstrates a high, analytical understanding of the terms.

Due April 30 Monster Vocab Powerpoint....Groups of two.

1.Chapter 6 Language
2.Chapter 8 Political
3.Chapter 9 Urban Geography
4.Chapter 10 Issues of Development
5.Chapter 11 Agriculture
6.Chapter 12 Industry and Services
7.Chapter 13 Human Environment

Technology & Presentation: 
There is no specific technology requirement for this project. The world is your oyster! BUT you do have a presentation requirement! Absolutely no note cards of any kind are to be used during your presentation. Presentations must be given without the use of written down queues.  

Project Due: February 7th
Don't forget that you have a proposal and research packet!