Parking at NGHS

This notice applies to ALL activities that take place at North Gwinnett High School after 3:00 p.m. during the week and 24 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays.  ALL activities included, but not limited  to high school athletic competitions, fine arts productions, and middle school athletic competitions.


By law, NGHS must make sure that emergency vehicles have access to drive, park, and transport when needed.  Furthermore, NGHS must make sure that all of our parking and/or non-parking areas have clear pathways for said emergency vehicles.


The parking of vehicles must be in designated and proper areas only.   DO NOT park in the circle by the fieldhouse/new gym.  Do not block the driveway next to the dumpster in the back circle either.


Any unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense to Willard Wrecker Service, 719 Shadburn Avenue, Buford, GA and we will be strictly enforcing this procedure, effective immediately.


Also, please do not drop off anyone at or near the 15-minute parking spaces that are by the front of the theater just upon entering the parking lot off of Suwanee Dam Road.


If the parking lot is open and you have to drop off someone, please drive all the way around the circle by the fieldhouse and complete the drop-off or drive all the way around the circle by the fieldhouse and come back around near the theater to complete the drop off before exiting the parking lot.


If the parking lot is closed by the blockade labeled "Lot is Full", you may not enter. You will need to drop off any one in the front of the school at Level Creek Rd., either in the main office circle or student parking lot. This inconvenience protects the safety of everyone on the campus in the event of any emergency.


Also, please be aware that deliveries may be made at any time of day or night including weekends to our cafeteria and if the driveway to the back circle or the doors to the cafeteria are blocked, the delivery will not be made and the cafeteria may not have supplies or they may be charged an additional delivery fee. (The delivery door is the one closest to the dumpster area.)