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2013 STP eConference

2013 STP eConference on
Undergraduate Research in Psychology                                                                 

Archives of the eConference (01/25/13):

1. Keynote 1 (50min): 
Sandra K. Webster, Westminster College
*Note: due to a technical error, the first 2 minutes 0f this presentation are missing.

2. Keynote 2 (50min):  
Stephen L. Chew, Samford University
3. Short Presentation 1 (20min): 
Mark Zrull, Appalachian State University
*Note: due to a weather related  connection error, a portion of this presentation is missing.

4. Short Presentation 2 (20min): 
Danny Hatch & Tony Zschau, University of North Georgia
Note: please cue this archive to the 6:30 mark.  There was a connection problem with Dr. Amy Hackney's presentation, which was resolved later.  In the interim, we moved to Dr. Danny Hatch's presentation, which begins at the 6:30 mark in the archive.

5. Short Presentation 3 (20min):  
Amy Hackney, Georgia Southern University

6. Short Presentation 4 (20min): 
Chuck Robertson, University of North Georgia

7. Short Presentation 5 (20min): 
Karen Naufel, Georgia Southern University & Denise Beike, University of Arkansas
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