Welcome to the web page for the 2012 North Georgia College & State University’s School of Arts & Letters’ biannual conference, or NGAL for short. 

Your  visit  to  this  site, I hope, is  an  indication  of your  interest  in joining  us for the conference  as  a  presenter or  audience  member.  Either  way, we look forward to your participation in what promises to be an exciting and engaging intellectual undertaking.

The theme for 2012 focuses on the historical and current interpretations of the importance of color for the humanities and social sciences.  Colors  surround  us  and  have  done  so throughout  human  history.  The various  and changing  ways,  both  consciously  and subliminally, in which colors have been received, interpreted, and understood historically have shaped ideas, influenced events, and determined outcomes.  Somewhat obviously, the sensory perceptions of colors go beyond sight.  To  listen  to  “the blues” immediately brings to mind much more than a palette with oil dabs from azure, to sky, to navy.  Colors affect and inform our thinking in all aspects of our lives.  

This conference promises to raise serious, thoughtful questions about the nature and impact of colors for all the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and to do so in a  beautiful  setting.  In short,  we  think  your participation will be both fun and intellectually rewarding.

We welcome your interest.  The  conference  coordinator, Dr. Sungshin Kim,  and  her  colleagues  are putting together a dynamic program, complete with the opportunity for the best submissions to be vetted through the peer-review  process for inclusion  in  a publication  by  the  University of North  Georgia  Press.  Take a few moments to look through the site, and let us know if you have questions.  

We hope to see you in Dahlonega in February 2012.

Warm regards,

T. Christopher Jespersen