Welcome to Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms
2012 NGA Healing Rooms Schedule (10am-noon)
      January 14, 2012
      February 11, 2012
      March 17, 2012
      April 14, 2012
      May 12, 2012
      June 09, 2012
      July 28, 2012
      August 25, 2012
      September 22, 2012
      October 20, 2012
      November 17, 2012
      December 15, 2012


TIME:  The Healing Rooms will be open once a month, on Saturday morning from 10:00 am to 12 noon.   No appointments are necessary, but you must arrive by 11:45am to receive prayer.

LOCATION: Northgate Alaska Equipping Center 2991 N. Tait Drive, Wasilla, AK, 99654. 
CONTACT: For more information, contact the Director Sam Flack at healingrooms@northgatealaska.com or contact our office at 907.864.6701.    

Mission Statement

The Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms Team, through passion for hosting the Presence of God, consistently will create a safe environment of joyful worship and prayer into which we invite physical pain and suffering to be healed by the power of Jesus’ love.



Our purpose is to joyfully minister healing and authentic love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. 



Throughout your visit to our Healing Rooms, you will enjoy powerful worship in an amazing environment of love.  While in this atmosphere, you will also have the opportunity to receive healing prayer from a team of two or three prayer servants.  Afterward, you will be free to stay and soak in the Presence of God or dance on your way to share the good news with all your family and friends.