Hear NV Kids Prepare for the Walk for Talk!

Northern Voices is the only nonprofit school in Minnesota that teaches children with hearing loss how to listen and talk.  And today, the possibilities are amazing.  With early identification, properly-fit amplification or cochlear implants, and intensive practice in listening and spoken language, children can now be expected to attain the developmental achievements of their hearing peers. 

By participating or pledging a walker in the Walk for Talk you will help give a child a voice.  The goal of the event is to raise funds to enable all students to reach their full potential regardless of their family's income level.  With your help, we can ensure that each and every student is provided with the best opportunity to achieve lifelong success.

$20 Individual registration**
$50 Family registration (family of 4)**

**Rates in effect through midnight, May 6th (CST)

FunRun/Walk/Kids Run does not allow refunds or transfers for any reason

Day of Event rates (Sunday, May 7th):
$30  Individual registration
$60  Family registration
  1. Create a Fundraising page in honor of your child or special someone.
  2. Make the first donation by covering your Walk for Talk registration fee.

How to Set Up a Fundraising Page in 10 Minutes