Population of Area Served

Population of the Area Service for the proposed Fueling Station is identified per the 2010 Bureau of Census Data.  Population is delineated by the following statistics:

·         The Northern Potter School District “serves a resident population of 4,113.*(from Wikipedia website for Northern Potter School District)

·         The median family income of the School District in 2009 was $35,333.*(Wikipedia Website)

·         School District Pupils for 2013 was 533 pupils, preschool through 12th, 550 pupils (2009-10).  *(Wikipedia)

For Municipalities included area served by the Northern Potter School District & Ulysses Area for proposed business, the following demographic data is provided from the Bureau of Census 2010 published tables & summarized in Appendix Item 5Demographic Data by Municipality”.

·         Total Square miles of Municipalities served                     268.5 Square Miles

·         Total Population                                                                4584

o   Males included                                                      2331

o   Females included                                                  2253

o   Median Age of the Population                                44.8


A significant Customer base for the businesses proposed to serve this area includes a large Amish Community.  In June of 2014, our locale has a total of 35 Amish families.  These families’ primary mode of transportation is by Walking, Horse, Horse & Buggy (or wagon, buckboard or cart.)  If they must travel to an area too far to practically commute or transport their goods, they resort to contracting local residents with vans and trailers. 

This market for the products of the projected businesses in Ulysses, PA serves the following primary needs for this Amish Community:  Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel / Home Heating fuel and Kerosene (or other oil related products) is used to fuel the many businesses they are operating.  These include metal working shops, saw mills, Amish Storage Sheds, Roof Truss Manufacturing, dimension rough cut lumber, cabinet making, furniture making, Bulk food stores, farming for crops and produce for resale, maple syrup production and by-products, horse tack shops / horse-shoeing contractors, leather working shops, construction for barns & other structures, etc.  Also included in this need are Amish Schools and Amish Hospitals. 


The Amish Community are highly dependent upon a source for both the fuel supplies and specific grocery supply goods, dry-goods and hardware items in close proximity for them to purchase and transport to the homes or place of business by horse-drawn means.  They must rely on hiring contracted vans or trucks to transport larger bulk items or when they have to travel over a few miles to obtain these goods not available in close proximity to our area.


Demographic Data by Municipality is Appendix Item 14 presents key Employment Data for the seven municipalities in our “Served Area”.  These data include: Employment Status, Occupation, Industry, Income and Benefits, Health Insurance, Family data and Age information.  This information is current as of May 14, 2014 and was compiled by the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.  It is summarized in the last columns for the Ulysses Served Area.