Businesses in Area Served

The Ulysses Area which will be the home of the proposed business is proud to include a minimum of 158 identified Businesses (See Appendix Item 7) plus 19 identified Amish Businesses (See Appendix Item 8) which are potential markets for the projects we are discussing with you as our Business Developer.


The non-Amish Businesses include:

·         Crop and produce farms.  These include some very large commercial farms shipping their commodities to various parts of the country

·         Dairy, Beef and Veal Farms.  These include two of the “Big 5” Dairy Farms in Potter County.  These “Big 5” farms milk 500 to 1000 cows three times per day and employ several family members plus several hired personnel.

·         Our “Area Served” includes 6 of the “Top 50 Employers In Potter County”.  (See Appendix Item 6) for a complete listing of the “Top 50 Employers” with those 6 businesses identified. 

·         In addition to the 6 Employers of the “Top Fifty In Potter County” referenced above, 10 additional Employers listed employ one to several of our residents at their businesses.

·         Others listed include Independent Contractors, Excavation Contractors, Cattle Haulers, Log Transportation, several Churches, American Legion, Fire Companies, Municipal Governments, Maple Syrup Producers (winning most top places in State competition), Notary Offices, Custom Metal Machining Shop, Welding Contractors and Certified Weld Shop, Major Crop Farming and Professional Harvesting and Spraying, Restaurants, Beauty and Nail Salons, Garages, Cemetery Associations, Retail Coal, Lumber and Hardware commodities, Public Libraries, Funeral and Cremation Provider, Dairy Equipment Sales, Septic Service and Port-a-Jon Rentals and Maintenance contractors, Car Wash, Laundromat, Self- Storage Rentals, Flooring Sales and Installation, Farm and Yard Equipment Sales and Service, Custom Log Homes and building manufacturer, Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer / ISO Certified Military manufacturer of extruded hoses for aircrafts and gas masks, Natural Gas Drilling support and trucking, Lumber and building supply sales, Contract Floor Cleaning and Fire Smoke and water damage restoration, Student Transportation, Masonry Contractors, Pre-K thru 12 School District employing some 89 personnel, Fraternal Organizations, Senior Citizens Housing Complex w/ 24 Apartments, 2 Banking Institutions, Cable Communications Provider, Volunteer Ambulance Associations, Low Income Housing Townhouses, Mobil Home Parks, Senior Citizens Center, Bed & Breakfast, Filling Station and Convenience Stores (These stores are covered


The Amish Community of which there are 35 families in our “Area Served” is identified as having 19 “businesses” which are highly dependent upon the businesses we are working with you for developing in the Ulysses Area.  They are also highly dependent upon our local residents to have resources available in our “Area Served” so they can provide the support the Amish Community needs.


The Amish Businesses are listed in Appendix Item 8.  In general, these businesses include several sawmills contracting to non-Amish customers within and outside of our Area Served.  These sawmills are dependent upon a close source of fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene as well as a local source of hardware and general merchandise.   Other businesses include, Mini-barn type storage buildings, Animal Feed Store, Bulk Food Stores, Manufacturing Custom built roof-trusses, Cabinetry manufacturing, Rocker manufacturing, Furniture Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Roof and Siding Sales, several construction contractors, Raising horses for sale to Amish and English Customers, a General Store located in Bingham Center, Amish School, Amish Hospital, and an Amish Doctor.  These businesses also include numerous independent farms raising produce for sale to the local community and for their self-support. Some also ship produce to outside of our area for sale. 


Demographic Data by Municipality is Appendix Item 14 presents key Employment Data for the seven municipalities in our “Served Area”.  These data include: Employment Status, Occupation, Industry, Income and Benefits, Health Insurance, Family data and Age information.  This information is current as of May 14, 2014 and was compiled by the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.  It is summarized in the last columns for the Ulysses Served Area.