Area Served

The area served by the Ulysses businesses including the fueling stations past and present is defined by the local School District serving the same area.  This area is defined by municipalities including Ulysses Borough and the surrounding Municipalities as depicted in charts following plus Appendix Item 3 which is a portion of a Potter County map.


Northern Potter School District is located in the North Eastern portion of Potter County and the area served is depicted in Potter County School Districts Map included as Appendix Item 4 titled “Area Served by Northern Potter School District”.  Northern Potter School District has the most “School Bus Mileage” for the district served of any School District in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This District encompasses 231 square miles and serves a resident population of 4113.


The area served by the proposed fueling station is better depicted in Appendix Item 4 titled “Area Served”.  Appendix Item 4 identifies the areas displayed as a portion of a map of Potter County.  The Municipalities included are: Ulysses Borough, Ulysses Township, Harrison Township, Allegany Township, Hector Township, Bingham Township and Genesee Township.