The pancake house will be operational 
November 24-25 through December 16, 8am to 2pm, weekends only. 

 Hamilton Maple Products is owned and operated by Larry and Phyllis Hamilton, fourth generation of the Hamilton family to make maple products.  Martin Hamilton, Larry’s great grandfather pioneered the operation in the late 1800’s and continued until his death in 1957.  Martin made syrup in the traditional manner using an open-air arch and evaporator in the middle of  the woods surrounded by the maple trees and 3000 taps where buckets collected the sap.The operation was upgraded in 1935 by purchase of new equipment for boiling. 

     In 1980 Larry and Phyllis took over the operation using the same equipment and old sugar house.  It was evident that a more modern facility was needed and in 1989 the operation was moved to its present location.  The location  has been upgraded many times over the years which now includes  the new sugar house, a store, commercial kitchen and dining area.  Currently tubing instead of buckets collects sap, and a reverse osmosis machine is used to remove some of the water from sap collected from 9000 taps.

     All three of the Hamilton children help out with the business as they have time to do so.  In March 2013 a seasonal pancake house was opened.  Additionally there is a Christmas tree farm and and corn maze and pumpkin patch that the family has added to the operation.  The business is open seasonally for tours, demonstrations and taste testing.  Currently the business website, hamiltonspuremaple.com, can be accessed for purchase of maple products on line.  hamiltonsmapleproducts@gmail.com is the company e-mail, and the business can be contacted by phone at 814-848-9853.

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