English 8

Class Objectives
  • To know what constitutes a well-written essay and/or paper and be able to demonstrate various kinds of writing
  • To know and use correct mechanics in writing: capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
  • To be able to both self-edit and edit the work of peers
  • To know and use proper grammar in both speaking and writing
  • To articulate and express ideas as they relate to selected readings and assignments
  • To increase vocabulary
  • To use technology as a resource and for finished papers
  • To know Modern Language Association (MLA) style for paper writing
  • To be familiar with a variety of authors and literature
  • To instill a lifelong enjoyment of learning and literature
  • To take personal responsibility for academic achievement and improvement
  • To strive for mastery in each of the above objectives but without question show improvement as a student of English