Mrs. Garrett has been teaching English for ten years. She spent six years teaching high school in public schools before joining the North Cross family.  However, she started her career in journalism and worked for The Roanoke Times for five years. She has bachelor's degrees in media studies/print journalism and dance from Radford University.  She also obtained a Master of Arts in Teaching (with an English concentration) from Hollins University.

Expectations for Mrs. Garrett's Classes

 All students are to read and understand the North Cross School Honor Code (click here for the NCS Honor Code).  Students must also memorize the following statement and write it neatly on all graded work.

                    I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help on this work.

Take Home Assignments and Homework

Parents may check over their child’s work and provide general feedback/suggestions; however, it is imperative that the students learn to edit themselves and make corrections.  Parents should never redo the work or change the basic ideas of the student.

Parents are encouraged to monitor the student’s planner to make sure all assignments are completed each night. Asking to see the homework is recommended, instead of just asking if your child has completed everything. Homework completion is essential to achieving success in this class. Please note:  homework and upcoming assessments/projects are also available on my teacher website and the online Middle School Test Calendar. 

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