Syllabus—Algebra 1 Part 1


Chapter 1


1.1—Variables in algebra


1.2---Exponents and Powers


1.3---Order of Operations


1.4---Equations and Inequalities


1.5-1.6---Problem solving using models


1.7---Tables and Graphs




Chapter 2


2.1---Real Number Line


2.3---Adding Real Numbers
2.4---Subtracting Real Numbers

2.5---Multiplication of Real Numbers


2.6---Distributive Property


2.7---Combining Like Terms

2.8---Dividing Real Numbers 


Chapter 3


3.1-3.6--Solving Equations—I add solving fractional equations to these sections and eliminating fractions from the equation.  

3.7---Formulas and Functions


3.8---Rates and Ratios 

Chapter 4


4.1---Coordinate plane

4.2---Graphing Linear Equations


4.3---Graphing Horizontal and Vertical Lines
4.4---Graphing Lines Using Intercepts
4.5---Slope of a Line
4.6---Direct Variation
4.7---Graphing Lines Using Slope-Intercept Form

4.8---Functions and Relations


Chapter 5


5.1-5.3—Finding equations of lines using slope and y-intercept, 2 points, and slope and a point


5.4---Standard Form
5.5---Modeling with Linear Equations
5.6---Perpendicular Lines

Chapter 7  I do this next because it relates to lines.


7.1-7.3—solving systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution, and eliminating a variable


7.4---Linear Systems and Problem Solving

7.5---Special Types of Linear Systems


7.6---Systems of Linear Inequalities
Chapter 6---If time permits
6.1---Solving Inequalities Using addition and Subtraction
6.2---Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division
6.3---Solving Multi-Step Inequalities