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Course Overview

COURSE SYLLABUS                                 2010 - 2011


Course Title:                                                   Spanish 1B

Instructor’s Name:                                          Beatriz E. Baker


Course Textbook:                                            Expresate, Level IB

Supplemental Resources:                                 Grammar & Vocabulary Workbook
                                                                        Practice & Activity Workbook


SPANISH IB                   BEATRIZ E. BAKER                           North Cross Schools                   2010-2011


COURSE DESCRIPTION: In Spanish I, students develop their proficiency in the three modes of communicative competence: interacting with other Spanish speakers, understanding oral and written messages in Spanish, and making oral and written presentations in Spanish.  They communicate using basic structures in Spanish on a variety of topics, moving from concrete to more abstract concepts.  They comprehend the main ideas of the authentic materials that they read and hear and are able to identify significant details when the topics are familiar.  Spanish is used almost exclusively in the class as students develop the ability to discuss topics. 


Virginia Standards of Learning for the Foreign Language Education

Students will provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotion, and exchange opinions both orally and in writing. They will understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics. They will present information, concepts and ideas to an audience of listeners on a variety of topics.

They will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practice, products, and perspectives of culture studied. They will further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language. They will use their language study in furthering their education and career goals.


COURSE OUTLINE AND MATERIALS:  The ¡Expresate! Program encourages students to take responsibility for their learning by providing clearly defined objectives.  It includes a variety of pair-and group-work activities to give students ample opportunity to use the target language in a wide range of settings and contexts.  It offers culture-related activities and poses questions that develop students’ insight and encourage them to develop observational and analytic skills. Ancillary materials include: Transparencies, video tapes and discs, audio discs, CD-Rom, Internet sites.  A variety of activities which will give students the opportunity to interact with Spanish speakers and experience culture will be available throughout the year.


Required Materials:

Grammar and Vocabulary

Practice and activity

Expresate Textbook

Three ring binder or notebook

Flash cards

Pen and Pencil




Ø  Attendance:  In a foreign language course, it is imperative that students attend class on a regular basis.  Oral work missed is difficult to make up.  Punctuality is essential and materials must be brought to class each day.  Tardiness will have consequences.

Ø  Behavior:  My rules of behavior are simple. No one has the right to disrupt the learning of another person.  Honoring this, we will work together as a group and enjoy one year together.   Courteous and responsible behavior is to be observed at all times.  Students must show respect for teacher, peers, and classroom property.  It is school policy that no food or drink is allowed in the classroom unless it is a part of a cultural activity.  No chewing gum, please!


Homework:  Homework assignments will be updated on a weekly basis. The student is expected to complete all work assigned before coming to class.  In most instances this work will be part of the material used for activities in class the following day.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check for homework  and complete assignments. If you have difficulty completing any segment of an assignment you are expected to come and see me before homeroom for extra help. The key to having a successful and enjoyable year is to keep up with the work on a daily basis.  Projects not turned in and orals not presented on time will be penalized.  

Homework is assigned so that students have the opportunity for extra practice and preparation when needed.  Come to class prepared! You may not leave your class to go to your locker to retrieve homework or materials needed in class. Your homework must be organized and legible.  The key to having a successful and enjoyable year is to keep up with the work on a daily basis.  Spanish is like Math is a building process.  Homework is assigned almost every night. Very rarely should there be “no homework’.  It will be posted (through North Cross web page)


Test & Quizzes:   Vocabulary quizzes should be expected every Monday.  At the end of each lesson there will be a test, which covers vocabulary and grammar.  There will also be a grade for oral presentation and listening skills.  Every Friday students will have a quiz.


Make-up work: Students are responsible for finding out the work that was missed during their absence. All tests and quizzes will be announced in advance so that if a student is present when the test is announced, he/she is expected to take it on the scheduled day. Students are expected to make up all missed work from an absence by the end of the grading period. Students will have five school days to make up tests, quizzes, and other assignments without penalty.  Failure to complete the work within that time frame will result in a maximum of a 20% grade reduction after the first week; and a maximum of an additional 10% reduction for all subsequent weeks.  An incomplete test, quiz or assignment will result in a zero at the end of the grading period.


GRADING: The student’s grade will be based on daily participation, completion of assignments, projects, quizzes and tests.  Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture will be evaluated.  Grades will be calculated on the percentage system.  Please refer to “the student handbook” for grading scale.


HONOR CODE:  As do all institutions of education, North Cross Schools strictly enforces the Honor Code.  The Honor Code implies that all work completed is the best individual effort of the student or group of students assigned to that work.  The intentional sharing or receiving of work or information to which a grade is assigned is expressly prohibited.  Al violations of the Honor Code will carry strict consequences. Please refer to the document on Policy and procedures regarding plagiarism given to you in your English class.  Use of on-line translators will constitute a level 3 violation.                                                      

Ø  Access:  can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  This includes the computers in the library and/or your home computer.  If you do not have a school issued computer or your computer is in for repairs, you are still expected to complete all assignments on time and you must to access the site from the school, your home or the public library.

Ø  Parents are encouraged to log in regularly so that they can keep well informed of the test and assignment calendar and class activities.

Ø  Daily responsibility: Our Site should be checked on a daily basis. Syllabus, calendar of events, projects and course documents are posted for your reference.   

Ø  NOTE:  You cannot use failed technology as an excuse for turning work in late. Take into account that technology will periodically fail so you must always plan ahead to avoid penalties.  You will be penalized for work that is turned in late.



The Foreign Language department at North Cross School offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for Spanish students.  In this class, each nine weeks, students will be given a participation grade for activities offered through Spanish Club, Multicultural Club, local organizations and academic institutions as well as local performances.  The entire family is encouraged to share in the fun.  Information will be provided to the students well in advance of the events through  announcements.



Ø  Spanish Club:  All Spanish students are invited to join the Spanish Club.  We plan a great variety of activities including our yearly Latin Dance performance, our school dance - banquete fundraiser for our service project.



Ø  National Spanish Exam:  All students will be invited to take this exam in the spring.  It is a great opportunity to compete locally, statewide and nationally with other students in the same level.

Ø  Peer tutoring Program: Students are strongly encouraged to participate in our peer tutoring program before, during or after school. If you are having trouble with a particular concept, this is a great opportunity for remediation. Furthermore, if you would like to tutor, teaching is a wonderful way to improve your own language skills.



Some of the Spanish faculty members are considering taking a group abroad this summer.  Information will be sent via the students.



Attention parents and family members: If you are a native speaker of Spanish or have done extensive travel in Spanish speaking countries please let me know if you would like to share your knowledge, experience or skills with my students. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.



Ø  Please make an effort to attend our back to school night

Ø  Parents are encouraged to log in to  regularly, so that you can keep well informed of the test and assignment calendars, and class activities.

Ø  E-mail is a very effective way of communicating with parents and students.  Please send me an e-mail message at your earliest convenience so that I can create an accurate address book for the parents/guardians in each class.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. I am looking forward to the best year ever.  GO RAIDERS!


Beatriz E. Baker

Spanish Teacher




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