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North Cross School

Foreign Languages Department

Roanoke, Virginia




Dr. Sarah du Plessis

Essential Questions

·         What knowledge and skills are important to develop in order to communicate in French?

·         How is French like and unlike English?

·         How can learning another language broaden students’ understanding of themselves and the world?


Course Description

French II is a continuation in beginning conversation, grammar, oral comprehension, reading, and writing. Language is presented as a means of communication with French-speaking people and as a way to understand more fully the

literature, history and culture of French-speaking people all over the world.

Course Goals

In this course, students will

  • develop their ability to speak French in both a formal and informal capacity,
  • develop their listening and reading comprehension skills,
  • develop their writing skills focusing on organization, grammatical accuracy and use of rich vocabulary,
  • explore the works of French-speaking writers and artists in their historical context,
  • learn about contemporary issues in the French-speaking world in relation to current local, national and international events, and
  • improve their abilities of expression regardless of the language.


In this course, students are expected to try to the best of their ability to understand and use the French language.

In order to do this, students should

  • come to class prepared each day with all of their required materials,
  • actively participate in class by
    • listening carefully and respectfully to the teacher and their classmates, and
    • speaking in French as much as possible,
  • complete homework assignments thoroughly by
    • responding thoughtfully and creatively to prompts,
    • using the textbook to check their vocabulary and grammar, and
    • seeking help outside of class before assignments are due,
  • review vocabulary and grammar topics nightly regardless of whether or not there is homework assigned by
    • looking over class materials,
    • practicing on-line, and/or
    • using flash cards.


Students are encouraged to take initiative in their own learning process by exploring topics of particular interest to them and by seeking out opportunities to experience French outside of the classroom through music, films, art, books, magazines, and/or conversations with French-speaking people.


Grading Policy

All graded assignments will be evaluated using the North Cross grading scale with percentage values contributing to the overall percentage grade. For example, each students’ grade (total of 100%) will include tests (40%), quizzes (45%), homework (15%).  During each term, students will also be given short-term and long-term projects to complete which will count as test grades. The trimester grade will be the percentage of the total points earned out of the total possible points.  Two exams will be given, per North Cross policy, one in November at the end of the first trimester and one in June at the end of the third trimester.  The first exam will count as 20% of the first trimester grade and the second exam will count as 20% of the third trimester grade.    


Homework – Continued language learning requires constant practice, and students should expect homework every night.  Homework will be checked for completion at the beginning of class each day, and students will have the opportunity to check their work in class.  Students may work together on daily homework assignments, but graded assignments should be completed alone.  Students are expected to carefully complete their homework each night.  If a student comes to class with an incomplete or missing assignment, she or he will be required to attend an afternoon study hall until 4pm.


Tests and Quizzes – There will be periodic tests and quizzes (and occasionally pop quizzes), in order to monitor students’ comprehension of vocabulary, grammatical concepts, cultural topics and class readings. Dictees are included within this category.


North Cross Grading Scale                

A+   97-100           B+    87-89             C+    77-79            D+     67-69                  F < 60  

A     94-96                    B      84-86                   C      74-76                   D       64-66                 

A-    90-93                    B-     80-83                   C-     70-73                   D-      60-63


Make-up work—Students should make up any missed work by the following class meeting unless other arrangements are made with the instructor.  Students will receive weekly homework assignment sheets.  They may e-mail the instructor, consult the course website or bulletin board (all homework assignments will be posted), and/or consult classmates for missed assignments.  Graded assignments will be deducted 5% (half a letter grade) for each day they are overdue unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor.


Honor Policy

All members of the North Cross community agree to respect and uphold the North Cross Honor Code: I will not lie, I will not cheat, and I will not steal.  In addition the pledge: Je vous jure que le travail est le mien (I pledge that this work is mine) should be written in full and signed on all work to be handed in.  Any use of Internet or electronic resources for translating phrases, paragraphs or entire assignments is prohibited and is in violation of the North Cross Honor Code.  Use of on-line dictionaries to look up single words is permitted.


Required Texts

Texts:               Espaces. by Cherie Mitschke, Cheryl Tano, and Valierie Theirs-Thiam,

ISBN: 13-978-1-59334-836-6


                        501 French Verbs, French-English Dictionary