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Whether at home, school, work, or at a shopping mall, we are exposed daily to art in some form or another.  Our world is increasingly visual, and it is important that we, as creators or viewers, understand and appreciate what we see.  Jason Ohler, Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology at the University of Alaska, strongly advocates that all students take art.  In his article entitled, “Art Becomes the Fourth R,” he addresses the importance of art education:  “In an era in which students design Web sites for homework assignments and integrate video, graphics, music and animation into school projects, art is fast becoming the new literacy for our times. The three Rs are now the 4 Rs: reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and art."  He adds that “art [now has] a permanent place in the common experience of life for us all.  For that reason, art should be included in the common experience of school for all students, not just those who plan to major in art and design.  Those who do not create art for a living will use it, manage it, interpret it, or interact with it in ways that simply did not exist ten years ago.”  

Art has played a meaningful role in human civilization for thousands of years, recording history and reflecting culture.  Art classes offer a balance between developing technical skill, exploring a variety of media, and learning how to visually communicate a message.  

Mrs. Jackson has taught at North Cross School since 2004 (and in middle and high schools for several years prior in Richmond, Bedford County, and Franklin County).  She currently serves as North Cross School's Director of Admission.  In addition to studio art classes, Mrs. Jackson has also taught art history and English courses and has held other administrative positions at NCS.  She received bachelor's degrees in English and Studio Art (with Honors), graduating Magna Cum Laude from Wake Forest University; she earned a Master of Art Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has continued professional development in painting, ceramics, graphic design, and art education. 

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