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Dear Friends

As you know by now, consultation regarding the development of the old school is taking place at the moment.

Following the 3 information session with CHC and the presentation of the proposed visions for the site CHC and AMC (the architect firm) are redesigning their site plan. 

Among the changes are additional townhouses moving of the higher density apartments to the west and creating a 'main' street to the west of the old school yard (the Kangaroo grass area).

This bring us to the question we would like to put to you.

Originally the idea was to keep this yard as a public space (due to sentimental values), however with the thought of creating a better link between Bradfield St' to the Downer shops via a main street that will have a mixed-used commercial (at ground level) and residential uses (over) which links Bradfield Street with Downer Village – this will in itself make Downer Village even more of a focal point for, and indeed more easily accessed by, the broader Downer community. 

This in affect will make the yard less prominent and most likely less visited by residents. With this in mind, there is a thought to relocate the Kangaroo to the Bi-Centennial square where it will be maintained by TAMS and to keep the trees in the School Courtyard in place as part of the green space.

We would like to convey your thought about it to AMC prior to the next meeting which is due in mid June.

Also we would like to encourage you all to go to the EDD website and leave your comments.

The Downer Community Association is a not-for-profit organisation, whose goals are to:
  • Promote, protect and enhance the social, cultural and physical environment of the community of Downer; and
  • Engage in activities conducive to the attainment of these objects.

Membership of the DCA is free, and open to all residents of the suburb. Non-residents are welcome to submit an application to the Management Committee for approval.

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2012 DCA Committee

Secretary - Di Fielding

Convenor- Miles Boak

Public Officer - Brian Callahan

Treasurer - Stephen Sedgewick

Centre Liaison Officer

Centre Maintenance Officer - Amit Barklay

Committee Members: Patti Kendall, Deb Nesbitt,Richard Niven,Denys Garden

Downer Comunity Centre Co-ordinator - Zaheer Ahmad

You can contact Zaheer by phoning the Downer Centre, 62496443, and leaving a message. He will phone you back.Or you can email him at


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