The North Butler Community School District began a planning session for the implementation of a 1 to 1 environment for our students shortly after the districts of Allison-Bristow and Greene became the North Butler CSD. This document is a result of the efforts of the School Board to put technology into the hands of their students. The School Board is committed to the education of the students in the 21st Century. This was the catalyst that began this journey into the 1 to 1 environment in the classrooms.

 During this time, the district formed a Technology Committee with stakeholders from each building including the building administrators, superintendent, and curriculum director. The teachers during an in-service traveled to other schools with 1 to 1 programs to talk to the teachers and students for information about the program. The teachers came back and had building discussions about the implementation, as it would look in their respective buildings. Finally, the Technology Committee felt that the laptop computer was a better technology solution for the high school building and iPad’s would be a better fit for the Middle School and Elementary sites.

 In late spring, the building administrators discussed with the School Board, the building preferences for technology use in their setting. It was at that time the School Board had the Superintendent investigate the cost of upgrading the building infrastructure and cost of the laptops and iPads.

 The North Butler Community School District  believes that emerging technologies provide powerful tools that enhance the learning process, personal productivity, communication, and the management of information for staff and students. The success of these tools depends on professionally trained teachers using appropriate teaching techniques—understanding that technology tools do not replace, but enhance their own teaching practices.