Ms. Henry: 6th Grade Math

6th Grade Math

ROOM 305 | Ms. Henry

Email address: Classroom phone number: (847)-504-3575

Math Materials:

Pencils with erasers

Colored pen


2 blue one-subject spiral notebooks

1 blue folder

Assignment notebook


Big Ideas Textbook (to be left at home)

Ms. Henry's Schedule:

Period 1: Advanced 6

Period 2: Core 6

Period 3: Core 6

Period 4: Planning Time

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: Advanced 6

Period 7: Core 6

Period 8: X-Block

Period 9: Meeting Time

Period 10: Planning Time

*If you would like extra help please email me or see me before/after class to set up a time to meet! I am ALWAYS willing to help!



Common Core Mathematics Standards

Online Textbook: Big Ideas Math

The online textbook provides you with access to the following: skills review, games, vocabulary practice, graphic organizer, assessment practice, online book access.

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