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Math: Understanding Division
Our past week was focused on how to divide a total into equal groups by understanding the inverse relationship of multiplication and division. Students continued to practice their multiplication facts on Mobie Max and are keeping track of their own progress (feel free to have them show you which facts they know). 

Vocabulary: Dividend, Divisor, Quotient, Remainders, Divisible, Even, Odd, estimate
Models: Arrays, Equal Groups, and Number lines

Strategies Discussed in Class this week using physical counters, pictures, and numbers
  • Partial Quotients....24 divided by 4 = 20 divided by 4 + 4 divided by 4
  • Sharing strategies...one for you, one for you, one for you
  • Count up 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 (or count up 5 fours or 5x4 plus 1x4 = 6x4)
  • Count down 24 - 4= 20 -4=16 -4=12-4=8-4=4-4=0...how many 4s pulled out?6

Note: We are starting with what makes sense, then finding more effecient strategies.

https://vimeo.com/153668928 Here is a great video talking about the progression of division

Bar modeling- online practice


Top 8 To Dos when learning Basic Facts:
1. Ask students to self monitor- which facts I know and don't know.
2. Focus on Self-improvement: Only compete with oneself.
3. Drill in short time segments: 2 mins.... long segments(10mins or more) is not effective.
4. Work on facts over time. Months and months...start with reasoning then with memorization, then with continued review.
5. Get invovled. Practice at home and school.
6. Make drill enjoyable. Games desgined to reinforce facts that are not competitive or anxiety inducing.
7. Use Technology. Immediate feedback and reinforcement to help students self monitor. Printable math games(scroll down for multiplication) or mobymax.com
8. Emphasize the importance of quick recall of facts. Without creating pressure and anxiety, highlight to students that in real life and in the rest of mathematics, they will need these facts all the time--they really must learn them and learn them well. Celebrate student success.

Walle, J. ., Lovin, L. A. H., Karp, K. H., & Williams, J. M. B. (2014). Teaching student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally appropriate instruction for Grades 3-5 : volume II. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Limited.
Literacy: Research Peer Revision

Last week we worked on organizing and developing paragraphs that informed our readers about specific categories from our research. This week we have  learned how to carefully listening with a purpose to help our peers. Our class has been using sentence starters to help us be effective revisionists, and we have created a list of things to look for in revision for our writing such as: 
  •    On topic information, Strong start, topic sentence followed by supporting details/examples, Transition words, text features, linking sentences.

Online Resouces:
Sign up newsela Class Code: ZQJYZ7
Library Resources (databases and encyclopedias)
https://www.getepic.com/app/ (students can't acess from home without paid account)

Science Mini Research 
Animal Life Cycle
Animal Classification
Animal Habitat

We have also learned how to be a reading community by sharing our book favorites in Narrative Writing.
Padlet Bookshare 
https://padlet.com/lbrinkman2/b3in5yjoipkjUpdated Week 2

Science: Force and Motion

Most of us know that things can be pushed and pull from one place to another, but how do we prove there is a force there? We will be diving into engineering questions relevant to force and finding out how it effects our world.

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Homework Assignments

  • Homework for this week
    Enjoy a book and practice your Multiplication facts.

        You can use MobyMax to track your facts.

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  • Homework
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