Welcome to Third Grade

Brinkman's Bold Explorers

Math: Problem Solving with Addition and Subtracting.

Solving with Adding and Subtracting Larger numbers in the Thousands. We have started small to try to break down our thinking by using expanded form. When we go to the store with a $10 and $4 one dollar bills what do you give the clerk? How do we show and explain this mathematically. Do we do the same thing as the standard algorithm? Do we get change for the the $10 then buy the item?

Our goal is to have the kids think flexibly about numbers and make sense of what they are doing. Brains hold on to ideas when they have purpose.

Here is a great video for parents on how students progress through addition and subtraction.

Literacy: Reading and Writing

Students have been using their understanding of plot to help them look closely at how authors compose a story. Students have been practicing choosing independent goals around character and plot. They have been taking notes while they read, and using those notes to write reader's responses.

In writing, our students have been celebrating and sharing their stories. We have been practicing sharing with a purpose. We tell the listeners to listen for area we worked on as writers(writing goals) to make our writing better.

Patterns of Power (grammar)

This week we focused on common nouns. How are they different from pronouns and proper nouns? What do they do in a sentence?

Science/Social Studies

Near and Far

This week was our first week of science lab which is based on our animal unit. In social studies we are finalizing our conversation about geography through trade. We have been noticing how cultures are brought together through trading resources from differing geography.

Field Trip: Brookfield Zoo

We are practicing using maps and exploring "What information does the zoo share about it's animals? Why?" This is a nice culminating maps practice as well as a great introduction to our science unit on animals.