Welcome to Third Grade

Brinkman's Bold Explorers

Mathematics: Measurement Metric Length, Volume, and Mass

This week we continued our conversation around measurement. Which line is "bigger?" This week students reframed the question as "longer" to be more precise with our mathematical language. This also helped support the idea that we need to know what we are measuring in order to choose a tool that has the same attributes of what we are trying to measure.

Students created their own nonstandard measurement tool and compared the measure with a metric standard Centimeters. We practiced estimating, measuring and noticing fractions on standard rulers and why we might use them. We will continue to practice measuring distance, but next week we will also add other metric measures of volume and mass.

Splashmath.com is a site that reviews all of the 3rd grade standards. Students have practice assignments around perimeter and area, but are welcome to review new or old material from the site.

Literacy: Reading and Writing

How do I analyze and respond after reading two texts?

Book March Madness has led to some powerful conversations around inequality and focusing on how the characters change throughout the story.

What is Book March Madness?

Below are the books that are pitted against each other. We read two books and students vote online and write an essay with text support from the story they chose. Students then reread their writing the next day, and carefully compare it to our class rubric. Students then continue with their writing goal or set new goals. Students revise their work with their goal in mind each day. Ask them about their favorite book. See if they support their thinking!

Lots of enjoyable articles.

1. https://storyworksjr.scholastic.com/

2. Log in as a student code roadrun7

Her is the online Class typing link we are using to practice keyboarding skills.


Science/Social Studies

Magnets have some really cool properties. We have found they repel, attract, and work over a distance. These properties have allowed people to create some pretty great inventions (toothbrushes, pumps, fire safety systems, ect.). Students were charged to engineer models of special locking mechanisms for a door. They created some pretty neat door locks that used magnets for keys.