Welcome to the web site for the "Building Professional GIS Applications" Espresso short course. On this site you can find a detailed syllabus as well as all the resources to prepare for the course. If you have any questions or comments about the course, contact Philip Bailey at North Arrow Research. See here for registration.

Day 1 - Monday 10th February, 5 - 8pm

The first day is about the theory and principles of software development. Lectures are kept as short as possible and students are launched straight into hands-on exercises building a digital elevation loader application in ArcGIS.

Day 2 - Wednesday 12th February, 5 - 8pm

Day 2 gets technical fast! More advanced concepts are introduced such as managed versus unmanaged code, as well as the ArcObjects object model. The exercises build on the DEM loader application from day 1. The concepts of coding best practices are introduced and students are given a chance to reflect and improve on their existing applications.

Day 3 - Thursday 13th February, 5- 8pm

Exercises on day 3 introduce GDAL, an open source geoprocessing library. The student DEM loader application is enhanced with a raster properties tool that bypasses ArcGIS. Lectures cover code abstraction and developing your own libraries. The day wraps up by introducing source code version control and students work through putting their existing code into GIT.

Day 4 - Saturday 15th February, 8am - 12:30pm

The final day of the course introduces Python as an alternative to coding in .Net. Three alternative approaches to structuring and deploying Python GIS applications are presented with students building an example of each. The course concludes with an opportunity for students to discuss their own research  with the instruction team and get advice on how to approach their own GIS application development needs.