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Jazz Resource Links:  
AH HA JAZZ! - Photos of Jazz Greats                                          Jazz Roots - Early Jazz History    
A Passion for Jazz - Music History and Education                          The Golden Age of Jazz - Great Photos      
All About Jazz - A Jazz History Timeline                                        The Jazz Store - Lots of Jazz Stuff!
Cool Singers - A Page Just for Vocalists!                                       IAJE Camps and Clinics Directory
  Jazz Corner - Links to Jazz Musicians                                            Bob Keller's Jazz Page - Tons of Links, Info

Transcription Links:

Transcribe! - Free Transcription Program                                      Piano Solos
Bert Ligon's Jazz Transcriptions                                                     Transcriptions
Jazz Trumpet Transcriptions                                                          Music Transcriptions
Jazz Transcriptions                                                                        JazzTranscriptions.com
Jeff's Solo Transcriptions