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School-Owned Instruments/Uniforms/Lockers

School-Owned Instruments

There is a $50.00 per year rental fee if your child is using a school owned wind or percussion instrument. This fee covers only a portion of the yearly maintenance performed on these instruments, which includes things such as cleaning/sterilization, replacement of pads on woodwind instruments, replacement of percussion heads, etc. (Think about musical instrument maintenance like having the oil changed on your car - if you don't have regular maintenance performed, eventually the car will stop working.) This fee should be paid by August 14. Please send a check to the band office and make it out to: North Scott High School Band.

It is imperative that students treat school-owned instruments and equipment with the utmost care and respect. When not being played, instruments must be stored in the case with the lid closed and the latches latched. Woodwind instruments should be swabbed after playing, and brass instruments should be oiled and lubricated regularly. Reeds should not be left on woodwind mouthpieces, and mouthpieces should be removed from brass instruments when returned to the case. Percussionists must take care to play any instrument with the correct sticks/mallets, and to play in such a way as to not damage the head or the equipment. Percussion equipment must be covered and stored properly when not in use.

Finally, students must not loan their instrument to others, nor should they allow others to use or play any instrument assigned to them. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO SCHOOL-OWNED INSTRUMENTS ASSIGNED TO THEM, even if that damage is caused by others. Treat your school-owned instrument as if it were yours!


All band members must purchase black socks and plain black shoes to complete the marching band uniform. Every student in the band will be fitted with a complete uniform. These uniforms are very expensive and need careful attention to keep them looking nice. All marching band uniforms, concert dresses and concert tuxedos will be kept at school. We furnish coat, trousers, gloves, bow ties, dresses and blouses. Each student must supply his/her own black socks and black shoes (PLAIN BLACK-- NO COLORED TRIM). Men will need a white tuxedo shirt for the concert season. You may contact any tuxedo rental store.  Please also note that we do not wear the concert uniforms a couple of Spring performances. Graduation is a warmer weather performance that we ask the students to wear "nice" clothes of a lighter nature. This outfit should not include jeans or jean skirts, shorts, t-shirts, gym shoes, etc. We want the students to look nice for their audiences.


All band members will be assigned a locker in which they may store their instrument and other items needed for band. Students who play multiple instruments may be assigned more than one, if needed. Lockers should be kept clean and organized, and may be inspected by the band directors at any time. The following policies apply with regard to the use of band lockers:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN LOCKERS OR THE LOCKER AREA AT ANY TIME. Water bottles containing plain water (i.e. not flavored/colored water) are ok.
2. Students should not share a locker with other students, and should keep their locker locked at all times. The North Scott Community Schools and the North Scott Bands are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
3. Locks will be provided. Students may not use their personal lock.
4. Students will be responsible for cleaning their assigned locker(s) at the end of the year. Students who do not complete this task will be charged a locker cleaning fee of $10 per locker.
5. Students will be charged for any damage to their locker caused by misuse or abuse (e.g. sitting on the door, hanging from the door, slamming doors shut, etc.).