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Grading Policies/Procedures

Concert Band Grading Policies/Procedures

Band grades are determined by averaging the LESSON, PARTICIPATION, and FINAL EXAM grade categories. Students and parents should check Canvas regularly, and contact Mr. Collins or Mr. McMann if questions about a student's grade should arise. Lesson grades are updated the day the lesson is completed, so students and parents will always have an accurate idea of where their band grade stands at any given time. 

LESSONS (45%) 
Students are required to have 4 lessons per quarter. They sign up for lessons one week in advance, and come out of study hall (preferred - if they have one on their schedule), or one of their other classes. Students should check with teachers in advance, if possible, to avoid any conflicts with tests, in-class projects, etc. If a student has trouble leaving class for their lesson, they are encouraged to talk to their lesson teacher to try to arrange an alternate time. Lessons must be completed by the due date listed in Canvas, or they will be recorded as a zero in the grade book. If a student signs up for a lesson and has to miss for any reason (illness, test in class, etc.), they have one week from the date of the original lesson to make up that lesson. Lessons may not be made up all at once at the end of the quarter. Students may only be graded on one lesson per week.

Each lesson is graded based on preparation and demonstrated mastery of the concepts presented. While 4 are required, students are certainly permitted to sign up for and attend as many as they wish. If a student chooses to attend more than the minimum number of required lessons, the top 4 grades will be counted. 

Students who study with an approved private instructor may count up to three private lessons per quarter toward their required lessons, with the remaining lesson scheduled at school. The private lessons must be completed by the corresponding due dates in Canvas. Please click HERE to download the voucher form. The private instructor is to fill each out and assign a grade. The student will then turn it in to Mr. Collins or Mr. McMann by the end of the quarter.

All students may complete a "Concert Write-Up" in lieu of one regular lesson grade per quarter. To complete a Concert Write-Up, students attend an approved concert (check with Mr. Collins or Mr. McMann in advance to be sure your concert is approved), complete a 500-word typed report on the concert, and submit it along with a program from the concert. These write-ups will be graded on length, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and depth of thought put into the student's observation of the concert. Write-ups are due before the last day of the quarter.

NOTE: LESSON VOUCHERS AND CONCERT WRITE-UPS ONLY APPLY TO THE 2nd, 3rd, and 4th QUARTERS. DURING THE 1st QUARTER, ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE 4 IN-SCHOOL LESSONS: 2 "REGULAR" LESSONS, AND 2 "CHAIR PLACEMENT" LESSONS. Starting with the 2nd quarter, students may only satisfy three lessons per quarter through concert write-ups and/or private lesson vouchers. (For example, they may submit three lesson vouchers, or two lesson vouchers and a concert write-up, but they may not satisfy all of their lesson requirements by submitting three lesson vouchers and one concert write-up in a given quarter. In this way, the directors are assured of hearing every student perform in person at least once per quarter.) 

The ensemble skills grade is a combination of concert attendance/preparation, daily rehearsal preparation and contribution, and completion of the pep band requirements. If a student is absent from a performance, a zero will be entered for that performance until the student makes it up by performing their assigned concert music for the directors. The student's grade for that performance will be based on that performance. Things such as excessive tardiness to rehearsal, forgetting their instrument/music, and behavior which detracts from a good rehearsal environment will adversely impact the rehearsal contribution portion of this category.

The Final Exam portion of each semester's grade will consist of two parts - the quarterly Scale/Arpeggio assessments, and a written final exam at the end of the semester. Students must complete the Scale/Arpeggio assessment during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters by the due date listed in Canvas. They may be submitted via Canvas, or may be completed in person. Students may resubmit the Scale/Arpeggio Lesson as many times as they wish by the due date. The highest grade will be counted. Students are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to submit the Scale/Arpeggio assesment, particularly if they are submitting them online. No extensions will be given for submissions that are missing, inaudible, or otherwise unable to be assessed by the directors. Completing the assessment well in advance gives the student time to resubmit if for some reason they encounter technical difficulties when recording. The scales and arpeggios may be found on THIS PAGE.

The written portion of the final exam category will consist of a test over standard musical terms. The study guide for the terms test can be found HERE.

Jazz Band Grading Policies / Procedures

1) Participation- This grade is determined by attendance, preparation, and attitude / behavior.
2) Artist / Theory Quizzes- Each quarter, jazz students will be quizzed on the jazz artist packets in their binders. Basic Jazz Theory may appear on these quizzes as well, covering concepts discussed in rehearsals.
3) Opinion Paper- During the second semester, students may be asked to write an opinion paper on a jazz-related article (given to them), including intro, atricle summary, agreements/disagreements and support for the argument, and conclusion. This will be averaged with the quiz grade for that quarter.