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Symphonic / Concert Band

AUDITIONS for chair placement will be held during the last part of marching band season. Audition material will be given out in lessons. Audition material will consist of the following:
1) Watkins-Farnum Standardized Music Test (Sight-reading)
2) ALL major scales - C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab,Db, Gb(F#), B,E,A,D,G, and chromatic over full playing range.
3) Prepared piece(s) selected by directors.

Jazz Bands

AUDITIONS for one of the two jazz bands take place in the Spring, usually early May. Standard instrumentation includes Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets, Piano, Bass,
Drum Set, and Guitar. Clarinet, Flute, and Double Reed Players are encouraged to try out on sax if interested. We have many Flute and Clarinet players currently performaing in our jazz bands. Euphonium
players are also encouraged, as the school owns a couple of valve trombones that translate nicely into a jazz band setting. The auditions consist of the following:

1) The mixolydian and dorian scales on attached sheet (sheet may be used in audition)
2) Prepared tune (given by directors)
3) OPTIONAL (but recommended)- Perform a 12 bar improvised solo over concert Bb or F Blues changes with a pre-recorded rhythm section.

1) Perform these drum styles:
Up-tempo Swing, q= 180
Bossa Nova, q= 120
Samba, q= 104
Funk Groove, q=96

2) Snare rhythms provided on sheet
3) 1-minute solo in style of your choice.


Challenges may be made with the person in the chair immediately above. The challenge is made first by informing the person to challenged, then by informing one of the directors. The challenger is to select a piece of music from his folder, the person challenged is to select a piece from his folder, and each is to give a copy of their piece to the other THE NEXT DAY after the challenge is made. Each student will then have three school days (after exchange of music) to prepare BOTH pieces of music. On the fourth school day after music is exchanged, both players must play for the directors. All challenges will include scales. Any student refusing to accept a challenge or not abiding by the challenge rules will automatically forfeit their chair position.The only exception is if a student is ill on the day of the challenge. A challenger losing a challenge may re-challenge, but must wait at least one week. Challenges may also occur between Concert and Symphonic Bands and Jazz I and Jazz II. The directors have the option of selecting another piece of music of their choosing, if they so desire. While a challenge may occur during the time immediately prior to a performance, a change of seating will not occur within two weeks before a performance.