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Community Involvement...
John Glenn is a wonderful place for kids to grow, learn, and inspire others to be the best they can be. During  junior achievement, the 2nd grade learned about our community and how important it is to stay involved around our area. We learned what citizens do for jobs, how we earn and save money, and how we can make our community the best place to be. Thank you Mrs. Rose for teaching our students so many valuable life lessons! We have so much fun with you!

Mystery Reader Guest!
We we were so fortunate to have Mrs. Dittmer as our mystery guest today and read with the second grade. Mrs. Dittmer represents John Glenn on the North Scott School Board, advocating our district and the importance of education. She has had such a positive role on the board and we couldn't thank her enough for what she's done! Mrs. Dittmer's visit sent such a positive and important message to our kids about how the community cares about their school. 
Thank you so much for visiting, Joni! Come back anytime! 

Ahh! We are almost to Spring Break. I know the kids (and the teachers, too!) are excited to spend time with family, friends, and relax! We are gearing up for our next unit when we get back. We will be putting on a reader's theatre play, making sock puppets, and rehearsing our lines! We will learn all about performing and reading with expression! More information will be sent home after spring break! 

Also, we will be studying wordless picture books and how to gain more information about the characters through pictures. 

Please encourage your child to read over spring break! :) And now the photos...

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday with "Cat in the Hat" photo frames! 

Ryann & Paige's Grandma came in and read one of their favorite books! 
Erin (Ryann's little sister)  joined in on the fun! :)

Oliver's dad was our mystery reader here. 
He read a book about a dog with stinky breath! :)

Thank you Grandma Petersen for reading, "Peanut Butter & Cupcake!" 
The kiddos loved it!
This was Grandma Pacha's 2nd time in our classroom. Two years ago she was a mystery reader for Carter and now Camille! We loved hearing Grandma Pacha's story on Mystery Reader Day!

Hi! Below you will see our mystery reader guests for January & February. Please let me know if you are interested in our mystery reader program. It has been a HIT so far! Thank you to those who have participated! 

Mrs. Harmsen & her 1st grade class visited us! 
We had a great time reading 
with the first graders on this day. 

Here are photos of our Valentine's Party! 
We had a great day reading, "Crankenstein's Valentine" with a special guest...my mom! What a great surprise!


We have been so busy in our classroom since Christmas Break, starting so many new and exciting things! We have been working no comparing and contrasting nonfiction topics and mastered finding key details in our books!

Language/Reading: This week, we will study Cinderella and the word "culture." We are going to read various fairytales from around the world and compare/contrast the stories. We will continue to identify what happens at the beginning of a story (characters & setting are introduced) and the end of the story (the problem is solved by a BIG action!)

Math: We are comparing two numbers to find the difference by reading a thermometer! We have a math test this week. Please look for the family letter being sent home THURSDAY. This form has each lesson broken down into parts and directions on how to solve the problems.

Writing: We are writing book recommendations about our favorite books! The kiddos have done an amazing job writing about their favorite parts, characters, and persuading their friends to choose their book. 

We had a special mystery guest on Friday! Grandma Keppy visited our class and taught us all about President George Washington. They were SO excited to guess who was coming. I know this Friday will be just the same! 

 Please email me once you have viewed the site! I am trying to see if this the best way to communicate with you all this year! Thank you!

We have been so busy in 2nd grade. We finally have our routine in place and we are starting to become more independent 2nd graders! It's been a great year so far. 

Our Expert of the Week presentation was AMAZING on Friday! Oliver did a wonderful job speaking in front of his peers and sharing his passion for technology. This is going to be a great way for your child to share their favorite interests with their class!

Recap: We have successfully understood the story elements of a fictional book (characters, setting, problem, solution!) This week, we have focused on NONFICTION! A favorite among 7 and 8 year olds. The kiddos were extra busy sorting nonfiction/fiction books and "shopping" in our magazines for the different kinds of books we can read. 
(The pictures are adorable...and I am so proud of their hard work!) See below...


We are identifying the main topic of a text, collecting details on our reading, and defining "paragraph" and its purpose. I highly encourage these skills be practiced at home. The kiddos will take an assessment early next week on the skills they have learned so far in 2nd grade regarding problem/solution, moral, main topic, and details. September 16th, 2015
We have been working extra hard on identifying characters, setting, problem, and solution in our books. This would be something that you and your child can discuss when reading together at home. In 4 weeks, they will take a test about understanding story elements. Please review these with them at home. 

As always, email me anytime! I appreciate all you do at home. My job is to ensure your child is having fun and learning each and everyday! Glenn is a great place to be. 

Math homework will start next week! I can't believe it! It will be wrote in their assignment book "Math 2.1...Math 2.2...etc." The unit and number is on the top corner of their math page. 

Important dates to remember: 
Friday, September 18, 2015- Ecology Day
Monday, September 21, 2015- NO SCHOOL 
Wednesday ,September 23, 2015- Book Mobile

September 3rd, 2015
We did it! We all made it through the first week of school. It was a wonderful week, full of laughs and learning! We enjoyed getting to know each other by making our own personal "i-phones!" We learned about each other and our favorite things. This week we focused on building friendships and what it takes to be a good friend. We read the story, "Freckleface Strawberry" and made a list of qualities we look for in a friend.
  I definitely have the sweetest class, y'all! Feeling extremely excited for the rest of the year. 
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your child's education. 

I am in SHOCK that we have 27 days left of school. My second graders have  turned into young 3rd graders. How can it be? I was just telling a co-worker of mine that this class has SO much personality and they are always smiling & laughing. I read in an article that children laugh over 300x per day, while adults laugh around 30x. We can learn so much from our kiddos!  This time, the kids wanted to share on our website what they have learned....Enjoy!

"We just did our brochures. It was REALLY fun because we all got to print pictures from google and go to the library lab to research. We all had a lot of fun!"- Annabella

"We have learned about tall tales and the famous characters in tall tales! I liked it because it was fun to do and I learned new things."-Taylor

"We learned a new math game called, "BOO BUMP!" We played this to practice adding 3 numbers."-Dillon

"We have started learning about our state, IOWA! We made a timeline of important facts."- Stephen

"We played the states game on the United States Map. We had to locate the state and try beating our partner. It was fun because it was testing our knowledge of the states!"-Natalie

"In writing...we are learning how to PERSUADE people. It's been fun because we persuaded Miss Aude to give us popcorn...and it worked!" -Collin

"Miss Aude is the best teacher I've ever had. She's funny when she reads us books...and she let me bring in my puppy!" -Zander

A month in pictures!
For Halloween, John Glenn does a great job putting together a parade and the PTO is amazing to fill their little bellies with snacks and memories. We had a great time celebrating through the town and showing our costumes to the community. So many memories were made. What a great community to live in!

We also had a few special mystery readers come and read to the 2nd graders. We listened to some great books and loved having our parents volunteer to visit! The kids are looking forward to another quarter of mystery reader with new parents, too!

October 16, 2014
This week, we have been focusing on moral, central message, or the lesson that the author is trying to teach us. I have had the most amazing and brilliant responses from such young kiddos! They are so smart and learning so much each day. When reading with your child, ask them what the MORAL is of the story... you will be so surprised! 

Throughout reading, we have also learned about main idea and details. The kiddos are able to find the main idea of a passage or book, then find "text evidence" to support their answer! (This is easiest with nonfiction stories!) 

We also have had TONS of fun with mystery reader! I have the sweetest parents. Thank you for making time to come in and read. It really brightens their day! We appreciate you all SO much! We have another SURPRISE guest coming tomorrow... the kiddos can't WAIT!

So.... I will leave you with some cute pictures! Enjoy! 

September, 2014
We have had such a busy start to our school year! We have learned so much already in all areas! Right now, we are focusing on "retell" or "recount" which means how to retell a story in your own words .We are focusing on characters, setting, problem, and solution! Ask your favorite second grader how to retell their own stories at home!

We will have our first author celebration in writing on Thursday. The kids have been working extra hard to write personal narrative stories and are excited to share these! We will celebrate together with juice boxes and listen to others be the star of the show!

Book it forms went home today! It's a great program incentive to help your child do their reading homework! 
20 minutes a night can earn them a free pizza!

Please let me know if you have any questions. We had so much fun on the field trip... thought I would leave you with some great pictures!

Second Grade 2013-2014
We have been going 100 MPH in this class for the last couple of weeks. We have started some new units and finished some others!

    The 2nd grade researched Patricia Polacco and learned all about her childhood struggles. They all thought it was fascinating that she grew up struggling when learning to read...then became an author when she was older! We read 5 books by P.P. and talked about the "moral/lesson" that the story was teaching. It was a common theme that each story taught us all a life lesson. They alway surprise me with how deep they are thinking and analyzing a text!Ask your favorite second grader some Patricia Polacco facts! They did an excellent job! 

On Thursday, we celebrated Easter with a Math Easter Hunt between both second grade classrooms! The kids LOVED searching for Easter Eggs filled with math review questions and working with friends. We can't wait to do to more activities like this one!

We also had a special mystery reader visit our classroom! Doyle's grandma read 2 books that we all loved! And they kept complimenting her on her fluency and expression!
 (Ha, can you tell we've been working on those two things?!) :) 

And... our spelling activites! We used shaving cream to practice our words. This was fun...but messy :)

Lastly, we have started our IOWA unit! We will be "traveling through books" around Iowa to learn about the different towns and staples of our beautiful state. We are preparing for our field trip! 

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend with friends and family!
I will leave you with a cute picture of our therapy dog, Sprite. 
Happy Birthday Sprite!

Mystery Reader Pictures!
We were lucky enough this week to have TWO mystery readers in our classroom. Carter's grandparents joined us to read one of our favorite series, "Pete the Cat!" We shared many laughs throughout the pages of the book. 

Our second mystery reader was Brody's mom who read, "Thundercake" by Patricia Pollaco. She is our author this month so it was a great introduction to our study! We enjoyed listening to her read and loved the chocolate cupcakes :) 

Last week, we had a mini dance marathon to honor Dylan! It was a beautiful assembly put on by our student council! 
Check out all of this green! 

Thank you to our great parents. John Glenn is a wonderful place to be!

It's been a busy month with a week of spring break in-between! We wrapped up our all-about books and shared them with the class. They really were into learning about nonfiction text features and animals. The kids also got to use ipads to research...that was a big hit!! We had GREAT mystery readers and enjoyed their visit. I feel so lucky to have such involved parents. Throughout this month, we will be learning about POETRY! April is POETRY MONTH! They will be reading LOTS of poetry books and designing their own. The kids started writing them today. Ask your favorite second grader about their topic they chose! The kids were all proud of their work so far! :) (And I was a proud teacher!)
On Friday, April 4th--it is TEAM DYLAN Day! If your child purchased a t-shirt, please wear it that day! If you didn't, we are asking the kids to wear GREEN!
I hope you are enjoying the warm weather! (While it lasts!)
March... in pictures!

This has been such a fun month! Valentines Day, movie field trip, finishing our "How-To" books and starting our "All About" books and learning facts about animals! We have also been working on writing about our reading and using POST-IT notes! (Who knew these could be so much fun?) Your second grader has learned how to find the area of an object by measuring by cm and inches! We even incorporated a little minecraft by making "areabots!" (Pictures to come!)  I feel so lucky to have a great group of kiddos who love to learn. The rest of this year is going to be so much fun. Hope you all are staying warm. Is it spring yet? :)

February... in pictures! 

Bundled up...ready for the cold!

Tristan's sister, McKayla visited and was 
a mystery reader! She did awesome--
and Tristan was
so excited!

The kiddos made their monster Valentine
bags and passed out their sweet Valentines!

Class picture with McKayla!

This was a special day! We had THREE mystery readers: Luke and Issac Simmons, Parker & Noah Freyman, and Trinity & Ella Jewell. They are also our
book buddies. Thank you for coming, 4th grade!

Class picture with the 4th graders!

Is it Spring yet?

January 26th, 2014

Thinking ahead to this week...I am ready for a full week of school! I have had a few productive days off, but I'm ready to celebrate the 100th day of school (officially) and start our mystery unit! On Friday, we planned a small 100th day celebration by making a magical marshmallow cake. We had a lot of fun counting out the marshmallows and adding the ingredients. All of the kiddos took home the recipe to enjoy sometime with their families! 

This week, we will be starting a mystery unit, learning how to predict text and note taking while reading using our post-its, and learning more even more about FRACTIONS! This is a difficult subject for 2nd grade so please be sure to look over their homework with them :) Pajama day will be on Friday, January 31st! 
A reminder will be sent home later this week. 

On Friday, Luke's mom Brandi visited our classroom (as well as Luke's little brother Alex!) and she read some of the boys' favorite poems. We shared many laughs and Luke was very surprised to see his mom and brother as the classroom mystery readers! Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay warm!

January 21st, 2014
I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year! I am in "awe" that it's already third quarter and conference time! We had a special mystery reader visit our classroom- Tami, Ella's mom read a few of her favorite books and poems she reads with Ella. 
Ella was so excited that her mom visited our class. I loved her facial expression when she figured out who was coming! :)

The second graders have earned a PAJAMA DAY on Thursday, January 23rd. Please be sure that the jammies are weather appropriate and tennis shoes are brought to school. The kids are more than welcome to bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. 

Friday, January 24th is the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! The primary wing at John Glenn is planning a day full of fun activities. They will travel to all classrooms and play math games, create a snack, craft, and writing activity! It's going to be such a fun day. The kids are already starting an "80 day countdown" to summer! Time flies when you're having fun. 
Here are the special dates to remember for February! You can always email me with any questions. Hope you all are surviving the cold weather! 

January 26th, 2014

Important Dates

-     Jan 20, No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
-     Jan 25, North Scott Little League Sign Ups at NS Junior High Cafeteria from
                  10am to Noon
-     Feb 1, North Scott Little League Sign Ups at NS Junior High Cafeteria from
                  10am to Noon

-     Feb 4 & 6, Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4-8 PM
-     Feb 4-6 Spring Book Fair

-     Feb 5, Late Start
-     Feb 14 and Feb 17,    NO SCHOOL
January 21st, 2014
I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year! I am in "awe" that it's already third quarter and conference time! We had a special mystery reader visit our classroom- Tami, Ella's mom read a few of her favorite books and poems she reads with Ella. 
Ella was so excited that her mom was visiting our classroom.

The second graders have earned a PAJAMA DAY on Thursday, January 23rd. Please be sure that the jammies are weather appropriate and tennis shoes are brought to school. The kids are more than welcome to bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. 

Friday, January 24th is the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! The primary wing at John Glenn is planning a day full of fun activities. They will travel to all classrooms and play math games, create a snack, craft, and writing activity! It's going to be such a fun day. The kids are already starting an "80 day countdown" to summer! Time flies when you're having fun. 
Here are the special dates to remember for February! You can always email me with any questions. Hope you all are surviving the cold weather!

December 19th, 2013

I can't believe how fast second quarter has went by this year! It's almost Christmas time and holiday break is vastly approaching! One day! Tomorrow, December 20th is an EARLY OUT! Please let me know if your child has any prior arrangements different from their norm. (A note/email would be great!)  

We had our play "Rabbit and Tiger" today which was a great success! We preformed it for the preschool, kindergarten, first, and fourth grade book buddies! The play was awesome. Thank you for helping your child practice the lines. We made our own sock puppets, scenery, and title banner. Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you all have a safe holiday with family and friends! Stay warm :)

December 10th, 2013

It has been the busiest last couple of weeks. I hope all of my great families had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving. I did a lot of Christmas shopping and seeing my family (I feel Thanksgiving is the best holiday!) We've had 3 great mystery readers. Olivia's Mom, Jodi read one of Olivia's favorite stories, "Freckleface Strawberry," Breckin's grandmother read "Polar Express" and Parker's great-grandmother read "The Giving Tree!" All of those read aloud stories are great for bedtime!

I wish I could show you how special the kids feel when their mom, dad, grandparent, or older sibling comes in to read. This is my first year trying mystery reader--and the kids LOVE it. There will be a mystery reader calendar being sent out NEXT WEEK to plan for January-March (up until Spring break!) If you or someone you know in your family would be interested, please send me an email so I can start scheduling!

*Also: Please remind your child to bring in a clean, long white sock to make a puppet at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

November 18th, 2013

Phew! Last week was super fun, but super busy! Besides starting to talk about Thanksgiving (and yes, we are already talking this nice break too)..we are planning for grandparent's day, mystery reader, author's celebration, and student of the week board!
We also celebrated our new writing unit by inviting Mr. Rohlf to hear all how we've learned to write about reading. I had one person write, "bad breath is better than no breath at all"...can you say, ADORABLE! These kids are sure talented! We are now writing about our reading using post it notes (a highlight and item on many Christmas lists this year!!) I'm beyond proud!

NEWS TO REMEMBER: Gum Day (Tuesday $1.00) All proceeds go to the American Red Cross, Pie Day (Friday $2.00) earns you a chance to throw a pie at Mr. Bertog! We are working on the "ck" sound blend this week. Challenge your little to come up with as many CK words as they can!

November 9th, 2013

We had the BEST day today for a few reasons...1.) We had birthday treats...2.) We had our book buddies from 4th grade visit and read with us...and 3.) Our MYSTERY reader! Blake's grandma made a special visit to read, "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig!" For those of you who are not familiar with the end of the story, the wolves end up making a house of flowers and invite the pig in for tea. They end up being good friends in the end. "Grandma Hawkeye" even brought our classroom flowers to smell! The highlight of our day on Friday is definitely mystery reader. Our schedule for this year is filled with parents and grandparents. I will be sending out a schedule for next year before Christmas break. (Remember...Even older siblings or other special people in your child's life are invited to this!!) 

Thanksgiving Project: This week, your child will be bringing home a "Thankful-Plateful" activity to do together! It is a white throw away plate that you can help him/her decorate of all the things they are thankful for! Be creative and have fun! Pictures, magazine clippings, drawings, stickerts, etc. are allowed! Anything goes!

Students will share these plates and they will be showcased for grandparents! Here are some examples:

REMEMBER: November 11th, 2013: Please have your child wear RED WHITE BLUE!  

November 1st, 2013

Today we had our first MYSTERY READER, Mrs. Pewe! The students were given 5 clues and tried guessing who the mystery reader was going to be. By the third clue (She loves corvettes!).....Peyton knew it was going to be his mom. His reaction was priceless, yet so touching. (He may have even had a few tears coming from me based on his excitement to learn HIS MOM was coming in today to read!) The kids loved having our special guest and are excited for next week already. Thank you Mrs. Pewe for being our first visitor! 

November News!!

 Nov 4, John Glenn Spelling Bee (grades 4-6) 1pm

-     Nov 4-15, Iowa Tests (grades 3-6)

-     Nov 5, Bookmobile @ Glenn

-     Nov 6,  2 Hour late start

-     Nov 6  Staff Flu shots at Central Office 6:45am-9:00am

-     Nov 6, PTO meeting, 6:30pm

-    Nov 7, Red Wheel Pick Up in the gym, 3-6 pm

-     Nov 12, Intermediate Music Program, 6:30 HS Aud

-     Nov 13, Picture re-takes in morning.

-     Nov 18 & 19, Graverts ATA, special guests in gym class.

-     Nov 26, Grandparent's Day
 -    Nov 27-Dec 1, NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

October 31st 2013
I know I've said this before, but I love being a part of such a great community and school system. John Glenn is known for their traditions and family involvement, which is why John Glenn is a great place to be for Halloween. We had such a fun time parading through the school and showing everyone our costumes. Thank you to all of you who made the Halloween celebration a success! 

We had a SPOOKTACULAR day in 2nd grade. We read, "Where the Wild Things Are" and wrote book recommendations based on how well we liked/disliked the book. They turned out pretty cute...be sure to check them out in the hallway near room 27!

October 22nd, 2013

It was a big day in our classroom today. After reading one of my favorite stories, "Enemy Pie" (check this one out. It's great!) and I heard, "SNOW! SNOW! MISS AUDE, SNOW!" I couldn't believe that on October 22nd there REALLY was snow! It's never too early for snow in my opinion. I'm glad my littles and I have that in common :) We all had to watch the snow fall, then quickly get back to our work and concentrate...as much as we could!

September 26th 2013

Author Celebration Day!! Mr. Rohlf, Mrs. Vinnie Smith, and Mr. Friederich's made an appearance! The kids were so excited to showcase their hard work over the Promethean Board! I feel extremely grateful for all of this technology! 

September 25th 2013

This week we took a trip to the Donahue Post Office and delivered our pen pal letters to our friends at Alan Shepard Elementary. The kids had a blast stamping the envelopes and asking the mail carrier many interesting questions! My favorite: "Do you deliver mail when it's hot??" :) Those cuties.

Throughout the week we have been working SO hard in writing, trying to finish our presentation pieces for our AUTHOR CELEBRATION on tomorrow, Friday September 26th. We will enjoy hearing all of our friends stories and snacking on cookies/juice:) Throughout the year, parents and other school members will be invited to our celebration...stay tuned!

Here are a few pictures of our author celebration. Mr. Rohlf, Mrs. Vinnie Smith, and Mr. Friederich's made an appearance! The kids were so excited to showcase their hard work!

Classroom News! 9/16-9/20
9/16- No School
9/20- Student of the week: Doyle!! *No Show & Share this week!*

...If you are interested, please return the bookmobile form by Friday, 9/20 if your child will be using the Eldridge Public Library Bookmobile Services!

August 12th, 2013

Hello all! I can't believe that tomorrow is the first day of school already. Where did summer go? I am beyond excited for a new year and cannot wait to get started with a new class! We are going to have lots of new adventures and learn new things together. (And have bunches of fun, too!) Please do not hesitate to contact me in anyway about questions you may have about the year--or just to say hi! I love hearing from my little's parents! :)

May 13th, 2013
To all of my wonderful students' moms: Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day with your little ones. You have all raised such great kids that I have had the opportunity to get to know. I also hope you enjoyed your mother's day books :) They worked really hard to put those together for you.
We do have a field trip coming up on May 21st. Please let me know if you would like to me to resend the info to you!
I hope you can attend! We have a busy week ahead of us with only 15 days remaining!

May 1st, 2013
Finally May has arrived and it FEELS like it! Temperatures are starting to rise and it's HOT outside! Remember your kiddo can always bring a snack and water bottle each day. It's so important they drink water throughout the day! (Especially with two recess') We are continuing to work on our "how to" books and it's starting to get tricky! (Adding all of those details and tummy feelings can be exhausting!) They have been working so hard on these stories--and all of us cannot wait for our Author's Celebration!

April 26th, 2013
It's been one busy week in second grade! Today we read, "Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon." This story is about a girl who is bullied for being who she is. When Molly Lou Melon realizes how special she is, all the other kids at school do too! We pointed out all of the ways her grandmother describes her as being special, then brainstormed ways that WE are all special! They made these cute little sunflowers with reasons why they are special on them. Here is a picture of the bulletin  board the 2nd grade has been working on!
(Thank you to Mr. Harris' class for the leaves!!)

On a more serious note, we had  a classroom meeting yesterday about Grissom's Lock-down procedure. All students took this very seriously and asked great questions. We defined an intruder, what we should do if we see someone that "doesn't belong" and where we would go if we were in lock-down mode. We also talked about ways that the school makes us feel safe and things we can do to keep our building safe.
*Parents: We welcome all parents in our building at Grissom. It's important to remember that as we are teaching our children the ALICE procedure and that all parents must check in at the office prior to going into their child's classroom and that you are wearing  a badge. We want Grissom to feel like a safe place for everyone!
 Parents are asked to wait in the lobby after school for their child.

Special Message Regarding Multiage:
Due to the unexpected administrative and staffing changes for the 2013-2014 school year we feel that it is in the best interest of the students, families, and staff of Virgil Grissom that we delay our decision to move forward as a multiage building.  At this time there are no plans to hold additional parent meetings in regards to multiage.  We still feel multiage could have a positive impact on our school.  However, with so many other changes taking place we do not feel the timing is right.  We value the feedback you provided and thank you for your commitment and passion to our school.

April 25th, 2013
We have been all about review, review, review in math! We have worked on our multiplication tables this week! (Can you believe your child can now multiply!!?) We also talked about area and made these cute little robots. They had tons of fun being creative and coming up with their own "AreaBots!"

April 21st, 2013
Today was Earth Day and we celebrated in our classroom by learning all about trash and landfills! Did you know that New York has enough trash to fill five empire state buildings a day!? The kiddos couldn't believe it!
The students came up with wonderful suggestions on how to save our Earth! They were very excited to share their ideas. We made "Give a Hoot-Don't Pollute" Owls and they are hanging up in our hallway!

April 18th, 2013

Since I have been in the process of learning everything I can on the common core, I have really geared my teaching to the exact standards your child will need to know before third grade! Your child has been so busy learning about nonfiction informational text writing. We have started this process by making our own "how-to" books. They were so excited to be experts and teach others in their class about different subjects. (I learned all about how to clean a guinea pig cage, make balloon animals, and how to sing!) There were so many creative ideas. Be sure to ask your favorite second grader what they decided to write about! These books are really turning out to be very cute...and they're so proud of their work!!

April 10th, 2013
We all have been so busy learning everything we can about folktales! The kids have really enjoyed this portion of our genre study. I am starting to see an interest in folktale books and other versions of these tales. It's so rewarding and enjoyable for a teacher to see kids EXCITED about reading!
We made our own text map that showed us the characteristics of a folktale and how we can decipher the differences between books. They also got to put their own charts together in their reading logs :) See if they can name at least 3 characteristics of a folktale!!! (They might even be able to tell you all 8!)

Next up...Anansi the Spider!!!
April 1st, 2013
This month we are starting a folktales unit where the kids will learn about the characteristics of a folktale and how to identify different kinds of texts. We have already read The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goat's Gruff, and The Three Little Bears. They have really taken an interest in different versions of these older folktales and have continuously asked if we could read more! (Music to a teacher's ears!!)
We also have been charting the characteristics in our reading notebooks and made a classroom text map. I will post a picture once it's complete!
Remember: Late start tomorrow for all children. School begins at 10:00. Have a great day!
Februray 22nd, 2013
Ahh! We are finished with our measurement and weight unit in math and today was their Unit test! We ended the math time with ABCya in the computer lab. It's a WONDERFUL site for your child to practice their math skills. Check it out! www.abcya.com

February 19th, 2013
WOW! I can't believe that we are only 3 weeks away from the end of 3rd quarter. I cannot believe my second graders are almost third graders. Even thinking this out-loud makes me one SAD teacher! I couldn't have chosen a more perfect "first class." They will always hold that special title in my heart!

I am so proud of how much they have grown in every subject--but especially writing! For a class that told me on the first day that writing was their least favorite subject, I think it's safe to say I've changed their minds! (YAY!!) We had our second author celebration and invited Miss Roland's 5th grade class to listen. The students worked so hard on this writing for the last 4 weeks-- it was time to celebrate! Each student chose their most favorite piece and edited, drew pictures, and made their writing beautiful. They all shared on the Promethean Board and even received written comments from the 5th grade. It was a wonderful day in 2nd grade!

Februrary 14th, 2013

Our class had such a great time at the Valentine's celebration today. We played "Minute to Win It" activities and had a lot of fun! Here you will see pictures of our candy heart stacks! We graphed our totals and found the median.

Since we have been working on length and measurement in math, we measured our Licorice before and after! We tried eating it without our hands in under 30 seconds. It was harder than it seems! Here is a picture after we measured:

Hope you all had a heart-filled Valentines. I am in candy over-load :)

February 12th, 2013

Today we are starting our first author study on Kevin Henkes. We will be reading all sorts of books by Kevin and studying the characters, setting, problem, and solution. Your child will become a master at this by the end of the unit! (What a great skill to practice during reading time at home, right?!) We will create a text map and even write to Kevin Henkes at the end of the author study. Please ask your child to summarize the stories we have read so far.

February 4th, 2013

On Friday, we continued our science unit by learning all about clay! The kiddos were surprised to learn that clay is made up of small, tiny pieces of silt. We made predictions on what would happen if water was added to the clay and it turned out that our predictions were right! The clay fell apart and we saw the silt crumble! We had so much fun learning about clay...even if it was really messy on our hands! :)

January 31st, 2013
I can't tell you enough how much I love seeing all of you at conferences! It really makes me feel so blessed to know that my kiddos parents are involved in their learning! This week, we have been working on writing small moments by stretching out our story over five pages. I have loved hearing about all of the adventures the students have experienced! I'm really starting to hear their voice come through in their words. Writing is so powerful! Some of us even got to share our stories on the promethean board :)

January 25th, 2013
Hi All! We have been so busy this week being Geologists! The students have loved exploring, sifting, and experimenting with all different kinds of rocks! We learned the difference between sand, rock, and silt. At the end of the week, we made our very own rock pets! We will continue to learn more about sand, clay, brick, and soil in the upcoming weeks!