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Civil War Webquest


Several boxes of photographs and other items from the the Civil War period were recently discovered in an old house in Davenport. These items were donated to the Putnam Museum by the owners of the old house. The museum staff members are very excited that the items in these boxes will help them learn more about the Civil War time period, especially because they are all primary source documents. A primary source document is a document that was created at the time of the actual event, in this case during the 1850's and
1860's. The staff has decided that the documents need to be sorted through carefully, and the best ones should be chosen to create a new
display at the museum, because there won't be room to display all of them. The museum director has asked your group, a group of local historians, to examine these items very closely, then choose the ones that give us the most important and interesting information about that difficult time in our country's history.

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